True Beauty contestants announced; show to premiere January 5 on ABC

So they’re beautiful. Okay. Many of them have egos that you wouldn’t believe.

Which means they are in for a very big surprise in the first episode of True Beauty, ABC’s new reality show which will premiere on Monday, January 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

But who out of the six gorgeous young women and four hot young men will win True Beauty, a competition from executive producers Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher where the contestants are secretly scrutinized as they compete to see who is beautiful inside as well as outside?

The women are:

  • Ashley Michaelson, a 21-year-old designer’s assistant from Rochester, New York;
  • Monique Santiago, a 21-year-old Go-Go dancer from Manhattan, New York;
  • Julia Anderson, a 23-year-old magician’s assistant from Dallas, Texas;
  • Laura Leigh, a 21-year-old model from Staten Island, New York;
  • Chelsea Bush, a 21-year old model/artist from Brentwood, Tennessee;
  • Hadiyyah-lah Fatimah Sa’id

, a 23-year-old audio engineer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The men are:

  • CJ Miller, a 26-year-old barista from Los Angeles, California;
  • Billy Jeffrey, a 31-year-old vitamin store owner from Lewiston, Idaho;
  • Joel Rush, a 26-year-old imaging software salesman from Tampa, Florida;
  • Ray Seitz, a 29-year-old artist from San Diego, California.

Hosted and judged by Vanessa Minnillo (former host of TRL and ET), along with judges Cheryl Tiegs (America’s first supermodel, currently designer and author) and Nolé Marin (America’s Next Top Model and fashion expert for E!, TV Guide, The Tyra Banks Show), the series will determine the “true beauty” of six stunning females and four handsome males who will live together in a Los Angeles mansion as they undergo challenges to determine who is truly the most beautiful.

The gorgeous contestants assume they’re being judged solely on their outer appearance.

They’re only half right; outer beauty is one component the judges are looking for, but contestants are also being evaluated — unbeknownst to them — for their INNER beauty as well when they’re put through scenarios and situations that require them to make moral decisions.

Each episode will showcase an outer beauty and an inner beauty challenge, during which contestants will be judged on everything from how well they perform in photo shoots to how well they respect their elders.

The three judges will observe and critique the contestants’ behavior and eliminate one person each week.

Only after the elimination will the truth about the show be revealed to him/her, as they watch a video montage of their behavior captured by a hidden camera during the shoot.

At the end of eight episodes, one winner will be declared, a person who is truly beautiful inside and out. That person will receive a cash prize and a spot in PEOPLE magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People issue.

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    • Raynelle

      Just a correction…. Monique Santiago lives in Manhattan currently but is from the Rochester, NY area. (Honeoye Falls)

    • kevin

      Double the beauty!! small world 2 beauties picked from Rochester out of thousands and thousands of contestants ( coast to coast) search for 6 months . congrats!! to Monique and Ashley

    • Carissa

      I think it is hilarious that Billy Jeffrey is a contestant on this show! His real name is Bill Scharnhorst and he is known as the biggest, cockiest asshole around in our hometown! Cracks me up that he is still so stuck on himself that he would apply for this show!
      HA HA Billy!

    • susie

      correction: Ashley said 1500.00 dollars NOT 15,000.00 for her outfit. Hey she works for a designer so u know those type of clothes are expensive. What IS the big deal if she said a Million dollars and by the way she does shop Target.- Conway in nyc ALONG with all the other expensive places too but what 21 year old doesn’t…noone seems to get the point on this show it’s a Reality show people.These 10 contestants are already laughing their way to the bank!! and laughing at us for laughing at them. oh well enjoy!! if u can….

    • susie

      Billy does not seem “stuck’ on himself!!!!

    • dubbie

      they are all beautiful !!! remember this is a reality show and who are we to say what went on when we were not even there..america have fun with the show and we will see who the winner is.!!

    • erica

      I love ashley from Rochester,Bronx ny..she ROCKS !!! Everyone back home is watching even my home/careers teacher..We love you !!! cuzin Erica xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • mikey6999

      I am sure that all the contestants were nervous..I have known Ashley since she was born..She is the most BEAUTIFUL INSIDE N OUT..sHE SPENDS ALOT OF TIME WITH HER FAMILY when she has the opportunity..If she was so INTO herself she wouldn’t care to be with anyone of them..SHE IS A TRUE BEAUTY in my book >>YOU GO ASH FROM THE BRONX

    • Rae

      I met Ashley after the taping of the show, she is a lovely girl with a beautiful smile and a sweet personality. All the people on this show are genuinely nice people who are tricked/baited into doing/saying things that they really weren’y comfortable with. THAT is “reality” TV for you. They were set up to be a certain way and come across as they did or NONE of us would be talking about the show. We would have been bored to death if all these guys & gals were made to be nice, sweet, prett/handsome people. So why not enjoy the show and stop picking these poor kids (young adults)apart. Think about how anyone of us would fare living under a microscope and hidden camera’s 24/7. Pretty sure we would all have some less than attractive moments. Best of luck to all, actually congrats on having “thick skin” and all the good things that have come your way since the end of filming. Keep laughing True Beauties, it really is funny!!

    • family friend

      Thanks! Rae! I too agree with you on this show.these viewers are amazing. all of a sudden they forget this is a reality show!! meanwhile these “kids: are laughing at them for believing everything.!!! Monique is a stunning girl who is going even farther in her career. esp. on that runway . any parent would be so-o proud to see their daughter at ” Fashion week in nyc. All the contestants are going even farther in their career and will be laughing all the way to the bank. if they already aren’t.people listen!! Reality???!!!!! Most of them have done more vounteer and charity work and marathon runs for “cancer” and btw “why don’t all of you people out there do something worthy like “Army of and support Ashley in this great organization– easy to sign up!!!! (for all types of cancer………..)Thnks!!!

    • LisaB

      Bill is not the cockiest asshole in our valley. Sounds like you might be an ex or something, that or you do not know the real Bill. I grew up with him, known him all of my life, and he is a very caring person. He always thinks about how he can help other people. Lewiston should be proud of him. When he was a contestant on Idaho’s most elegible bachelor, he was not the one that applied to get on that show, his sister sent in the application. It took some talking into to get him to do that show. Get a grip Carissa

    • Paul

      I give all of these people credit for signing a contract with abc to allow them to manipulate them for 8 weeks. Of course it’s a reality show and they will all benefit from it, some more than others depending on the outcome. True Beauty will become a household saying, just as Kodak Moment has become. The contestants must have self esteem or they would not have been picked as contestants, just as American Idols have self esteem and say that they are the best singers. These True Beauties believe they are beautiful…some from the inside out. Ashley is fairly quiet and graceful and seems very sweet. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins. Laura has a fun personality and we’ll see if it accompanies beauty from the inside. Monique is a close second to both of them and Julie is just too sweet and smiley all the time. Chelsea, though she’s a diamond in the rough, she has her good points and it seems as though she’s been brought up with a touch of southern manners. She just forgot the southern charm, especially around Joel. The guys, I won’t comment on. I really didn’t pay much attention to them. We’ll see what happens, but no matter what, I’m sure it’s staged to a great extent. And they’ll never be able to have this show again. It will show us all how to be good from the inside out, even though we’re not under a microscope all the time. Of course, you never know when big brother may be watching……

    • know some of the ‘Beauties”

      Re: Paul and comment” could not have put it any better. To try to find “inner beauty’ is fine but meanful dirty tricks and telling them NOT to do something on those stupid setups and then embarrassing them to the world and saying they should have EG: not read files??? the charity thing is a JOKE!!!!too I bet . that is coming up in Episode 2 can just imagine… they manipulate each one each week and I am sure the ending will be real dirty..

    • Carissa

      oh how funny Lisa….. yeah I haven’t seen Bill in years… but back in high school he was exactly that…. stuck on himself! He was a player in college as well and hurt a lot of girls…. Jesus, Ive stirred a big pot of emotions. ha ha!

    • karrie

      WOW we cannot wait to see you ashley 2 night..WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU ..YOU R ARE TRUE BEAUTY..thanks for habging out wit me at christmas..your the bestest cousin in the whole you kerrie