I Love Money 2: Premiere Update!


VH1 has moved the premiere date of I Love Money 2 from the previously announced date to February 2. Don’t worry, I’m sure the season will be more than worth waiting a few more days for. And I’ll be covering it here for you.

[Photo: © 2008 VH1]
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    • Rene

      The new season looks to be fun but why no Megan???? damn!!

    • jamesg

      i cant wait to see it!!

    • http://www.myspace.com chicky

      where’s is megan? :(

    • black_barbie

      dat show will be nothing without megan she the bitch of bitches who else would work that hard and still do nothing and stay in the house no one

    • BudlightGirl8210

      I luv the fact Megan’s not in it!!! F**kin B!!!! I can’t wait 4 season 2!!! Keep’em comin!!!

    • daniel

      why no megan im not watching it if megan is not on it

    • Joshua

      Y bring heat and entertainer they needed to bring back Pumkin, Megan, and Brandi C!!!! Thos my girls. I am glad Smiley is back and Buckwild!!!

    • http://nh ANAGABIELLE

      i love entertainainer …………………….

    • http://idiots.com IOdiots

      This show is enetertaining purely on the fact that it is full of morons who embarrass themselves while they go for 1/4 million. Tamara is the dumbest person i have ever seen. Buckwild is a criminal, she destroyed public plants, what a moron. Miami or how she spells it Myaaameee wears lengerie to an elimination round what an idiot. Heat is a f@cking pyscho. Entertainer is 40 years old and lives with his pranets in thier basement DEFINITION OF A LOSER. angerlique’s face says it all. And It, i really hope that he is faking it or else he needs some serious hepl. There is only one person i miss and that is the self procliamed “ladies man” Mr. Bostson. Watching him cry and stuffing his speedo was pretty funny.

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    • paula

      why no Megan and Brandi C please bring

    • http://vh1.com ailos

      Am I the only one who doesn’t like “Buckwild”? Man, I can’t stand this chick. Her little fake “Black” accent and her “homegirl” mentality are insulting to “real” Blacks. Does she think that all Blacks act like this? And another thing, why is this chick ALWAYS so angry? I really liked Buddha, I wish that he could’ve stayed. That Heat is kinda cute. The Entertainer, he’s well entertaining, but he needs to get off Buddha’s ass. I wish that Buckwild would get bounced.

    • http://myspace sydney

      i love this show