Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Christmas Special

For those of you wishing and hoping to see the entire Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Christmas Special from a few years back, I have a special treat for you. The entire special is available on YouTube.

I can’t embed them but I sure as heck can give you the links. Enjoy!

Part 1 includes the opening of the show where Jessica is trying to bake (and acting stupid – giving Nick eggnog with egg shells in it). Jess and Nick hope and wish for a real family Christmas and viola! They get their wish. They sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” to celebrate. Nick and Jess do a dorky skit with Santa reprimanding his elves. My favorite part of this clip is the very end, with a quick snippet of Jessica as a young girl with her cousin.

Part 2 starts with a couple of more dumb blonde jokes (Jess tries to gift wrap a dog for Nick and tries to send email to Ashlee by using a regular letter.) Ashlee makes her entrance in this clip, and Jessica warbles “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” (It’s not one of her better numbers.) Nick does a goofy commercial for lick-able underarm deodorant. The highlight of this clip once again comes at the very end, with a string of bloopers from Jess.

Part 3 starts off with a reunion from 98 degrees. The group sings “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” – which sounds great. Jessica then does a dopey skit where she sticks her tongue to a poll (predictable). At the end of this clip, we get to see Nick’s family clips and him as a young kid (so very cute.)

Part 4 starts off with a funny joke about Nick naming his dog “Timberlake.” Then a duet with Brian McKnight and Jessica Simpson (“O Holy Night“). The clip ends with Nick talking about his family Christmas growing up. Then more bloopers are shown, which really make Jess look like a ditz.

Part 5 begins with Jess trying to hawk her Christmas album (as if the entire special isn’t enough of a commercial) and then they turn it into a joke with Nick promoting his (fake) “day after” Christmas album. Then Nick and Jess do a duet with Bing Crosby, and Nick’s mom talks about the Lachey’s family Christmas.

Part 6 starts off with a parody commercial (starring Nick of course – they used to make him do such stupid stuff) and then Ashlee joins Jess to sing “Little Drummer Boy.” The highlight of this clip is all the great pictures from when the girls were kids. Then Jessica’s grandmother talks about buying flannel pj’s for the gang the Christmas before. The clip ends with the entire Lachey and Simpson gang piling into the house and throwing all their coats on top of Nick.

In the final clip, the entire group sings “Silent Night” (with the volume cranked on Nick and Jess’ microphones of course) and then Nick and Jessica try and introduce their whole family. It only goes as far as their immediate family because the group is so big. Nick and Jess remind everyone what the holidays are really about at the very end.

Image: Pacific Coast News

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