Search for Cayley Anthony Clues Continues

The remains of a child, believed to be Cayley Anthony, were found and now investigators are searching for clues that will give them any sort of information about when the child’s body was left in the woods and, of course, who is responsible for her death. 

This case has been so difficult for me.  I look at the sweet little face of Cayley and I hurt inside thinking that her mother, Casey Anthony, could be responsible for her disappearance.  I’m just sickened with the possibility that Cayley’s caring grandparents could actually know something.  They’ve been the driving force behind the investigation but their behavior has been strange.

The experts said that, since the remains are nothing but a skeleton, proving that a murder took place will be difficult.  I really hope that’s not the case.  If this child was murdered, I want there to be justice for her.

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    • karen

      i’m a mother and grandmother i can’t imagine going thru what these grandparents must be feeling with it being there own daughter that killed her i have a grandson the same age as cayley i would just die my heart hurts for little cayley i find myself crying over her and i don’t even know her it must sound silly to most people but i hope her mother burns in hell

    • Angel

      I definitely agree. I have a 2 year old daughter and I could never, even to think about, hurting her. I don’t understand how any parent/parents could do this to their own child, the child they gave birth to. If she didn’t want Caley, then why not just give her up for adoption? Casey sickens me. Any mother that would do that isn’t human and does NOT deserve to walk this earth. As harsh as it may sound, I truly hope that Casey Anthony burns in hell!