Cameron Mathison & The Thong Controversy

cameron-mathison-picture-iphotos166269-Cameron-Mathison Cameron Mathison has found himself in the middle of a “thong” controversy. The Hunky Soapstar was apparently caught with his thong on during an episode of All My Children last Wednesday. When I first saw the screenshot that started circulating online, I knew right away that it was a shirt caught in the pants. Even before Cameron gave his own statement about it being a shirt. Chalk it up to being a Men’s Fashion Blogger.  Interestingly enough, I and the people who ACTUALLY watch soaps didn’t think of it as Cameron wearing a thong. Not all people in this world are looking to make fun of celebs for the sake of “controversy”.

Not that there is anything wrong with Men wearing thongs, but Cameron Mathison visited The View yesterday to once again defend himself. He even illustrated how a shirt caught in his jeans could have easily been misconstrued as his thong. 


Sorry if I sound annoyed but I just find this whole thing silly and stupid. Big props to Cameron for being a good sport but I sensed some irritation coming from him yesterday when he was on The View. Who can blame him? The guy works a lot. Being Ryan Lavery on All My Children, occasional hosting jobs for Good Morning America, a game show on TLC, hosting the Emmy’s, and the Soap Star search on SoapNet. Who can forget his stint on Dancing With The Stars? My point is, he’s a hardworking Man who supports his family, he doesn’t get any accolades from all of that except from TRUE Soaps fans. That’s US. I guess it’s more fun to make fun of someone than recognize their body of work. I wouldn’t be so irritated about this because trust me I do have a great sense of humor but we know damn well that this whole “Cameron Mathison Thong Controversy” was a way to humiliate him and that just ticks me off. There’s nothing I hate more in this world than people who are deliberately trying to put other people down instead of giving them support and a pat in the back for a job well done. I highly doubt that’s the intention of this whole darn thing.

(Image : Newscom)

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    • Stephanie

      I guess I just didn’t notice. The View scene looked staged. The only question I have is why is the waistband on his jeans so tight? That’s the Real story here, People! :)

    • Dexie

      haha, no comment :)

    • JJgurrl

      Honestly – I have not made it a point to even watch AMC lately ever since the breakup of Aiden and Greenlee in favor of putting Ryan and Greenlee back together…Boring.

    • Steven

      Cameron Mathison is a super wonderful guy who works hard as what he does. His acting is impeccable, a dynamic family man, and extremely talented on Dancing with the Stars. I do, however, have to agree with him about the “thong controversy”. It wasn’t a thong. Men who wears shirts does have a tendency to get stuck in the back of the pants. I know because sometimes my shirts often gets stuck and people have told me I must wear a thong which I do not. So, for this one, I will agree with Cameron on this one.