• Wed, Dec 10 2008

I Love Money 2: The Hunks


Here’s the third installment of the cast member revelations for I Love Money 2. These super hot men will be a part of the series, so there’s plenty of man candy to make us want to tune in. See what I mean:

[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

He’s a veteran of I Love New York 2

[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

He’s been a part of I Love New York

20 Pack
20 Pack
[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

Remember him from I Love New York 2

[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

You know him from I Love New York 2 (Why VH1 includes him with the hunks, I haven’t a clue…)

Check back tomorrow for more of the cast announcements for I Love Money 2.

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  • mizzdimepieze

    20 pack and budda iz hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

  • Sami

    omg 20 pack is soooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope u win it all baby!!!!

  • http://www.vh1.com Minna

    20 pack is so sexy !!! I hope u win 20 pack !!!!!

  • Valentina

    OH my 20 pack is soooooooooo SEXY, HOT, AND GOT GOOD BODY….U BETTER NOT BE GAY!

  • Ana

    20 pack is SO goona win!! He is SO hot!

    Stupid New York for letting him go!

    And that Frenchie, is so freakin’ weird!

  • http://vh1 jessica

    20 pack is sooo fine and that scotland gurl needs 2 live him a lone. he feels raped or abused by her ! LUV U 20 PACK………… I H0PE U WIN……

  • tay

    20 pack is so sexi

  • la bby d christian !

    Ohhmyy god 20 pack sooo sexxyyyyy ily boo i hope u win all da $ =]

  • PiinkRasta

    20 pack ! omg u are so hot i love u!!!

  • Brittany

    20 pack is so delicious and gorgeous….

  • IslandGirl04

    Please please please please please let there be a 20 Pack of Love **fingers crossed**…okay the title would be kind of whack but….you get the general idea…

  • ali

    it iz as tupid azz dude

  • http://www.lexly&flor.com lexly and flor

    20 pack u r hot keep it that way k

  • http://www.lexly&flor.com lexly and flor

    u r hot keep it that way

  • ladiisponge

    yo 20 pack is hella sexy and dats all mine rite der

  • http://nfsdjkkjb.com rachel

    20 pack is soooooooooooo HOTT!!!!

  • Miss Erin

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!! He is so cute and hot!!! Watch out because my baby is smarter that what everyone thinks!!!!

  • ashley

    i love 20 pack i love him he is so sexy

  • Gracie

    20 pack
    I ily so much
    Ur sexy and hot
    They haaters and faggers
    For letting u go home