Gilmore Girls has a Best Series Finale

BuzzSugar lists Gilmore Girls amongst several other fabulous shows in their post about the “Best TV Series Finales”.

Gilmore Girls

They name the following series as having fantastic finales:

  • Six Feet Under
  • The Wire
  • Gilmore Girls

For Gilmore Girls, they call it a “bittersweet finale“, and of that we can all agree (recaps here and here). Though a lot of us would like the show to pick back up in some form, to tie up loose ends, I’ve seen a lot of shows end much more poorly than Gilmore Girls did! As you can recall, Gilmore Girls made many top lists in 2007 after it ended.

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    • Rita

      I agree, it could have been worse. And the storyline of Rory going on campain with Barak Obama is gold.

    • Jenny

      I don’t know if I would say it was one of the best. So many loose ends.

    • barira

      the finale was good but could have been better
      well atleast between lorelai and luke

    • mcityrk


      Actually a continuation of the Rory and the Candidate Plot Line would have made for a great hour and a half Gilmore Girls Special to be broadcast this second week of January if anyone at the WB was smart enough to have pushed for it. Figure the plot would include 1] a half hour of the cub reporter learning the ropes on the fly as the campaign progressed, 2] a half hour of canned footage showing the high points of the campaign, and 3] a half hour of the girls keeping track of each by phone or occasional visits to see how things are going. The final scene of course would be the president elects Chicago victory speech, followed by behind the stage farewells from Senator Obama to all the reporters who covered the long campaign run, and then a fadeaway to a televison set back in Stars Hollow where Lorelai and Luke are proudly watching the televised wrap up of the reporters final farewells with the President elect. Then the TV fades to black, L&L get up to head upstairs for bed, and in profile we see that Rory’s new sibling is on the way. I know, a bit saccarine, but it would have been a crowd pleaser.

    • Jessica King

      The Finale were good,but I love Luke and Lorelai back together

    • Brenda

      “Gilmore Girls” was one of my favorite shows but I was very disappointed with the series finale. It was more that a little rushed and the usually brilliant writing was trite. Fans of the show watched for seven years to see Luke and Lorelai together. After the final season of them being apart, we get to see one final kiss and a goofy look to indicate they were back together instead of the long awaited wedding. Sad….

      The best series finale I have ever seen was the one for “Six Feet Under”. It was absolutely brilliant.

    • Sylvia

      I watched the series finale only a few weeks ago after starting watching the show last March (French broadcast sucks so I got the DVDs).

      Because I immediately clicked with the show I wasn’t looking forward the the very last episode but couldn’t avoid it…

      I loved it: everything was there: Luke’s dedication to the girls of his life, a townie packed episode, emotions, laughs… I couldn’t help but cry. It’s so sad when Lorelai looks at Rory sleeping.

      However I would say that it is a great season finale but was a bit weak as a series finale. Too many loose ends to be tied.

      Sure we had the kiss between Luke and Lorelai we had been waiting all season. Also from the last scene we can surely assume that they are back together or at least working to it. But they were the main couple from the very first episode so it’s hard to see something rushed like this.
      IMO, the writers should have started to work on their love reconciliation earlier on the season. The karaoke moment was the perfect opportunity.

      The idea of sending Rory on Obama’s campaign trail was brilliant. Seeing Lorelai and Rory doing everything in a rush reminded me of Rory’s first day at Yale (season 4) and it gave us some great mu/daughter moments just like we love them.

      Even though I have some regrets I don’t see how it could have been any different…

      I think my biggest regret is that there was no season 8. And I really thought that with Obama being elected the network and the writers would start working on a TV movie. They had the perfect opportunity and I just can’t believe that we’ll never see Stars Hollow, its crazy people, the coffee bantering, Luke and Lorelai… never again.

    • Mika

      well.. I love Gilmore since it has started! I was a wonderful show.. One onf a kind! But I disliked the serie finale… I know, I could had been worse, but It could had been better…!
      It´s good that GG is on the list! It deserves!

    • Piiiii

      the finale was very bad.

    • Jerry

      Hmm see i have mixed views, on the one hand it was good to see LnL back together (well the implication that they were at least) but a lot of other issues seemed unresolved and the writing at times seemed to rush things. Like when Lane and Rory have the odd convo about being like sisters or when (episode before I know) Logan literally just walks away with no major emotion (I mean come on when he left in season 6 it was very emotional- and that was just being apart for a while!). So yeah, I think it had its heart in the right place, as in yes Rory and Lane were kinda sister like and yes Logan and Rory probably would have split up, and yes Luke n Lor probably would reunite, it just all seemed rushed and hastily written for a show where small events usually take forever to occur!

    • Sylvia

      I was not a major fan of Rory and Logan (or of Rory’s relationships in general) but I agree that it was very weird to see Logan just walking out like this.
      I know that Matt was supposed to be in case of an 8th season so maybe that’s why.

      My biggest regret for the finale is that maybe time was not given to the most important stuff: sure Rory and Lane has a great relationship over the years but instead of their long talk I’d rather have had more time with Luke & Lorelai discussing their issues.
      They have been the main couple for 7 years for God’s sake!

      But all in all GG was a tremendous show so it deserved this distinction of best series finale. Especially because in spite of all its flaws it still makes me cry…

    • Marijana

      The show is the best but I didn´t like the finale either, it was kind of loose, at least between Lorelai and Luke. I was thrilled Rory got rid of Logan. Finally.