“The Dream of the Romans” Now “Arlen Faber”

The Sundance Film Festival will celebrate 25 years this January, and, as mentioned previously, Lauren Graham will be returning to Utah for the premiere of The Dream of the Romans, which is now entitled Arlen Faber, after Jeff Daniels’ character in the film. Today, Sundance announced the official line-up of films, including the new title of Lauren Graham’s film.

The movie is a comedy / romance about a reclusive author of spiritual books (Jeff Daniels as Arlen Faber). He is pursued for advice by a struggling single mother (Lauren Graham as Elizabeth) and by a man fresh out of rehab (Lou Taylor Pucci as Kris).

Lauren Graham’s character, Elizabeth, is a chiropractor at the Straighten-Up Healing Center. Elizabeth and Kris both look to Arlen for answers he does not have. Arlen & Elizabeth fall in love and, in the process, heal not only themselves but also Kris.

Sundance will be the World Premiere for Arlen Faber, which also co-stars Kat Dennings, Olivia Thirlby and Tony Hale.

Check out photos of Lauren Graham taken on the set of Arlen Faber (previously Dream of the Romans) in past posts here, here and here.

Via ET Online ; Image: Newscom

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    • Sylvia

      I have trouble picturing LG (or her character) in love with Jeff Daniels…
      Actually I have issues picturing her with anyone but Scott Patterson (I guess I’m still not over GG) and maybe Matthew Perry.

      I truly hope that someday we will be notified of a Gilmore reunion.
      It’s nice to see that the actors pursue their careers but I still think they owe us some closure.
      Come on ASP!

    • Ingrid

      I highly doubt there will be a Gilmore reunion, considering their sets are being used by someone else at the moment.
      And the actors don’t owe us anything, they did what they were told to do, they didn’t write the scripts. So if you think anybody owes you anything, which I personally don’t think they do, then start with the writers. They are the ones who make the show what it is. Don’t blame the cast because they chose to move on.

    • Sylvia

      I’m not blaming the cast at all. I’m glad they move on so we can see them again and in different things.

      I don’t think they owe us anything either but the writers certainly do. Many fans think the same way. I loved the series finale but I still think it is incomplete because when it was made they didn’t know for sure that it would be the end.

    • Jack D

      I agree, it’s not the casts’ fault they’ve gone on to other projects! It would be nice if the writers would tell what they planned for the ending though, I mean unless we do get a movie (which seems very unlikely) it would be good to know, I still haven’t come to terms with the fact Logan just walked off seemed a bit of a sudden end to a 3 year relationship…

    • Nil-Wren

      In fact, as I wrote in 90210, or imply in the 8ht, the new directors of the new big structure that replaced UPN and CW didn’t know what the show was made off. For them, it was only an entertainment like many other ones. And they pushed their reasoning in the way that they tried to fit the show in the mould of others shows, and of course, it didn’t survived.
      The actors tried to express that in words, their filling in words, but they weren’t understood, they weren’t listen to, they were taken in the turmoil. As for ASP, they had to leave.
      Alexis Bledel, and Lauren Graham couldn’t recognize their own character anymore. And that was a big pressure for them, considering for instance the age of the younger. They were trapped in the new structure that didn’t understand what the show was, and even worse, who they were. A big structure that’s getting older now and still doesn’t understand anything.

    • Sylvia

      I concur: the creation of the CW in 2006 was a big mistake. They did stupid things with great shows like GG or Veronica Mars. For example, the fact that the network was pushing the Lorelai/christopher story was sheer evidence of their lack of knowledge of the show and of the fans.

      I’m sure it was a tough decision for LG and AB to make and I don’t blame them. But just like many people I think we didn’t have a proper closure. a) with Luke and Lorelai: sure they reconciled but what does it mean for their relationship? where will they take it? have they really learned from their mistakes? b) Logan proposes to Rory after a long-term and intense relationship and he just walks out?

      I also doubt that we’ll ever have a TV movie (unfortunately) but I still still that would be the best way to resolve some of our nagging questions.
      In May 2007 ASP said she was thinking about it, and many members of the cast said that they would be in. After all, she always said that she knew, from the very beginning of the show, what the last 4 words of the show would be. And I’m dying to hear them.

    • Ingrid

      I loved the finale too, and I too have a lot of questions about where the story ends (and if u ask me logan gave up on rory way to easily), but I also agree with what LG has said in a few interviews, the fans can use their imaginations and they can then decide on how they think the story ends.
      And if the writers did tell us how they thought about ending the show than any future GG movie (fingers crossed) would be spoiled because we would already know the ending.

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