El Guincho, Lemonade at LPR

El Guincho (on the right)

I finally had the privilege of seeing El Guincho live on Tuesday night and it was well worth the wait.


Opener was Lemonade who were pretty good although several times the lead singer’s voice seemed off key…they are playing again tonight at Zebulon and on December 9 at the Annex with Friendly Fires.


El Guincho went on late but as soon as his salsa infused electro beats came on and I heard his sweet voice I was happy. His accent is so charming and he seemed to be really enjoying himself. He brought along a friend who played the drums for a fuller sound. If you have the chance to see him DO IT. Oh, and guess who is a fan? I was sitting near Jose Gonzalez all night :)




All images: Devorah Klein

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