Samantha Who? 2.07 “The Farm” Recap

Samantha Who? 2.07 “The Farm”
Air Date: November 24, 2008
Recap & Discussion

Sam (Christina Applegate) and Owen (James Tupper) head over to Regina (Jean Smart) and Howard’s (Kevin Dunn) for dinner. Everything is going fine until Owen starts in on the horror of chicken farms, not knowing that Howard owns one. Dena (Melissa McCarthy) oversteps her boundaries, when she undermines Chapman’s authority with his employees. Todd (Barry Watson) enjoys the apartment alone after not telling Sam his mother isn’t coming after all.

I realized I missed this episode, so sorry for the late recap!

Samantha Who? Highlights:

  • Todd is shocked to find Sam at home… with Owen. So now Sam owes Todd a favor for that awkwardness.
  • Todd’s mom is coming in from Canada (he’s Canadian!) and Todd wants her to leave while she’s there. So he doesn’t have to explain living at her place.
  • Sam recalls taking Todd to her parents’ house – and Howard walking in on them in bed
  • Sam decides to take Owen to meet her parents – to get over her fear of that whole issue (mixing personal life with family life)
  • Dena misses Chase, so decides to stop by his office. To mix up his life too.
  • Sam, realizing that Owen will get to know her parents, decides to change them up a bit. Put “green” products in their house, give them cue cards.
  • Frank (Tim Russ) thinks Todd was lying about his mother coming over in order to get Sam to leave. But what he really wants is to get away from his own in-laws, who are staying with him for two weeks. They go play video games.
  • Dena stops by Chace’s office, but stays in there during an office meeting! She laughs at his attempts to be severe to his employees, which discredits him. He kicks her out of the office. But not before people laugh at him.

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Recap continues below…

  • Owen touches on a sore point – chickens. Owen doesn’t eat Chicken, while Regina & Howard love chicken. Howard farms chicken.
  • Howard gets defensive about global warming and his part in that. It gets so heated that Sam storms out with Owen.
  • Andrea gets to hear from both Sam & Dena that mixing only ends in disaster.
  • Sam brings Howard a peace offering “World’s Greatest Dad” mug. She apologizes for not knowing he works farming chickens. She asks for a tour.
  • Chace is still suffering after the insubordination from Dena. So he uses Andrea to set an example of his will - asking her to stand up and apologize for something. She finishes acting her part, but he keeps it going, so Andrea storms out telling him to fix his issues with Dena. Chace offers bonuses to smooth things over instead.
  • Sam is traumatized after the tour of the chicken farm. The slaughter makes her practically speechless. But she tries to tell Howard how much she loved it.
  • Howard created a video will when Sam was little – bequeathing her the chicken farm. Now she’s freaked at the prospect of it. Even more so after Howard gives her an axe and tells her she needs to start learning the business now.
  • Chace goes to meet Dena at the movie theater, something they’ve never done before. Dena feels neglected, but Chace thinks this stage of their relationship is more real
  • Owen sneaks up to Sam’s window while she’s examining the axe. He apologizes for getting competitive with her dad.
  • Howard walks in when Owen and Sam are making out. He tries to gloat over Sam taking over the chicken farm, but Sam admits she can’t do it. Howard is heartbroken.
  • Sam tells Howard how much she respects him for what he does – doing the vital tasks she’d rather not know about
  • Howard takes it well, but admits he wasn’t happy that Owen replaced him as Sam’s hero
  • We pan out to Dena & Chace watching Australia… and to Frank & Todd there too!
  • Owen and Sam try dinner again with Sam’s parents

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