Gossip Girl “It’s a Wonderful Lie” recap

Gossip Girl: Episode 2.12

“It’s a Wonderful Lie”

Airdate: December 1

This episode really had it all. A great fight between Jenny and Vanessa. Dan and Serena showing their jealous sides. Chuck and Blair doing their usual thing. Rufus and Lily together. And Bart? Well, you’ll have to read the recap to find out more.

It’s December and that can only mean one thing to Blair (Leighton Meester) — it’s time to ring in the holiday with the Senior Snowflake Charity Ball. Serena’s (Blake Lively) not that into it, but Blair says it’s the social event of the season for seniors.

Chuck (Ed Westwick) walks by as Blair goes through her list of possible male escorts for the ball, but Chuck’s not approving of her choices of “man with no future,” as Chuck calls it.

Serena catches up with Dan (Penn Badgley), showing him the rare book of poetry she found at the rare bookstore Dan introduced her to. Dan’s impressed as he learns she bought it for Aaron’s Hannakuh present. Dan assumes this means Aaron accepted Serena’s invitation to the Snowflake Ball, but Serena tells him that high society formal doesn’t work well with the whole Brooklyn artist thing, so she will be going solo. Since Dan’s going solo too, hopefully Aaron won’t mind them hanging out together. Serena is a little surprised Dan’s going, but he says some of his best memories were from some of the events such as the Snowflake Ball, so why not go? (A little nostalgic, aren’t you Dan?) Serena invites Dan to come with her to Aaron’s gallery to meet Lexi, Aaron’s ex who is in town for the holidays.

Jenny is so bored that she invites Vanessa over to help reorganize her dad’s record collection. Jenny’s trying to keep her mind off of her design future and — Nate. When approaches the subject with Vanessa, Jenny says she can’t figure out why Nate blew her off. Vanessa suggests she move on, but Jenny doesn’t look too thrilled about it. Then Vanessa gets a call from Nate, so she makes up an excuse to Jenny about why she has to leave.

One of Blair’s headband girls Penelope (Amanda Sutton) — stops by Jenny’s place wanting a custom design, holding one of Jenny’s fashion show business cards up. Jenny tells her she’s expensive, but that’s a good thing in headband girl’s world.

As Lily (Kelly Rutherford) is planning the decorating for the Snowflake Ball, she runs in to Rufus (Matthew Settle), who has been helping with it. Looks like Lily has been avoiding talking to Bart (Robert John Burke) since Thanksgiving, but Rufus tells her she’s going to have to talk to him sooner or later. Lily says she’s put out the marital “Do Not Disturb” sign basically, and says that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for. Lily tells Rufus if he decides to come to the ball, to save her a dance. About that time, Bart pops out of a limo and Rufus exits. Bart tells Lily they need to talk.

At the studio, Aaron’s ex Lexi (Natalie Knepp) is busy making fun of his art — or rather Serena since she’s the subject, calling her the blonde bombshell just as Dan and Serena walk in.

Meanwhile, Nate and Vanessa are busy putting their tongues down each other’s throats on the street. He invites her to the Snowflake Ball, but Vanessa isn’t sure if that’s a good idea. Nate thinks she can’t commit to it because she hasn’t told Jenny yet about them. Nate thinks it shouldn’t be a big deal because Jenny blew him off. Vanessa asks him what would he do if he found out Jenny still liked him (remember Vanessa stole the letter from Nate to Jenny at Thanksgiving). Nate doesn’t answer the question, but rather says he’s happy right now so they should just go with it.

As they smack their faces together again, someone on the street takes a photo and sends it to Gossip Girl.

The headband girl wants to know what’s up between Jenny and Nate, because she wants to ask Nate to the ball now that the Archibald name is socially acceptable again. But both girls are surprised when they see the newest post on Gossip Girl: Vanessa and Nate kissing.

Bart apologizes to Lily, telling her he has fired the private investigator Andrew Tyler and won’t be snooping anymore. Though Lily says it’s not enough, Bart wants a second chance and would like to meet her at the Snowflake Ball.

Serena isn’t thrilled with Lexi’s presence over the holidays hanging with Aaron and his family, but Aaron assures her there’s nothing to worry about and that Serena should get to know her. She agrees to give her a chance if Aaron will go to the Snowflake Ball with her, which he agrees to. Lexi and Dan have been getting along well, and invite Serena and Aaron to join them for a walking tour of Brooklyn.

When Vanessa walks into Jenny’s place acting as if nothing is wrong, Jenny is pissed that Vanessa knew the whole time why Nate hasn’t been calling her and didn’t they agree at Thanksgiving to not let a guy come between their friendship. Vanessa reminds her that it was Jenny who was caught kissing Nate behind Vanessa’s back first. Vanessa tells her Nate invited her to the Snowflake Ball and she intends to go.

Chuck stops by to offer Blair a deal: They will find each other dates for the Snowflake Ball. Blair adds a wager: If Chuck likes his date, she gets his limo for the month. If Blair likes her date, Chuck gets Dorota for a month. Okay, weird… Poor Dorota.

On the walking tour, Lexi continues to flirt with Dan in front of Aaron and Serena, and Dan comes up with the idea of all four of them going together to the Snowflake Ball. While Lexi pushes Dan to knock on Norman Mailer’s door, Aaron tells Serena that Dan will be pretty thrilled with his date. Turns out little Lexi likes to sleep with guys on the first date. Serena tells Aaron she’s OK with that, but clearly she’s not. (Sidenote: Lexi is pretty awesome. Hope they bring her back)

Back at the apartment, Chuck catches Bart right before he leaves for a short trip to Miami. Chuck thinks he should be working on his marriage, but Bart reminds him that the Thanksgiving fiasco was started by the person who had access to the safe: Chuck.

“Everytime I think we are making progress, you show your true colors,” he tells Chuck.

Chuck is clearly hurt. He so needs a hug!

When Jenny drops off the dress to the society girl, the headband girls are still pissed about seeing the photo on Gossip Girl of Vanessa and Nate together. Hazel (Dreama Walker) tells Jenny that Vanessa shouldn’t “fish in our pond.” Jenny says they are no longer friends, which surprises them, but since they were planning revenge, this works well into their plan. When Isabel (Nicole Fiscella) comes out trying on a gown which ends up being see-thru, they suggest Jenny make Vanessa her own see-thru gown as payback.

As S and B hangout, S wonders if she should let Dan know that Lexi plans to sleep with him, but Blair laughs this off. She is surprised that S and Aaron haven’t slept together yet, as B actually approves of Aaron as “hot and doable” (you gotta be kidding me!). Plus, Blair says she might as well since Dan will be “taking a ride on the Lexi coaster.”

Jenny brings Vanessa her special dress as a way to under the guise that it’s a peace offering. Vanessa falls for it and is happy that Jenny wants to be friends again.

Meanwhile, Blair is freaking out that Dorota’s Facebook groups hasn’t helped net an appropriate date for Chuck.

So funny! Blair tells Dorota she needs to try harder for her own sake (or Chuck gets Dorota for a month). Dorota says she doesn’t want to shine Mr. Chuck’s shoes for a month. Under her breath, Blair says “shine his shoes if your lucky….” Awesome, freaking awesome.

Dan gives Serena a call wanting to make sure she’s okay with Lexi coming to the dance, and Serena gives him the green light. When Aaron walks in, Serena says she will thank him properly after the Snowflake Ball. Aaron doesn’t seem to mind.

Vanessa thanks Jenny for the dress and attempts to tell Jenny the truth, but then she gets another call from Nate, and Jenny tells her not to worry about it. She answers Nate’s call and tells him she has something to tell him in person.

Lily calls Bart’s assistant to find out when he will be picking her up for the ball, but she tells Lily he has a meeting with Andrew Tyler (the P.I.). This ticks off Lily, who finds a bill from Tyler in Bart’s folder in a locked drawer. She calls the assistant back and leaves a message for Bart: She won’t be waiting and he shouldn’t come to the ball.

At the Snowflake Ball, the first scene features the cameo with Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin who approaches Chuck and asks if he is Chuck Bass.

Chuck thinks for a second that she is Blair’s date for him, and tells her there’s an excellent view of the roof. But Blair jumps in between them and shues her away. Too funny!’

Chuck and Blair introduce their dates to one another — but Blair asks for a minute alone, surprised that her date is a Beta Bass wannabee.

Lexi and Dan dance as they watch Serena and Aaron in the distance. Lexi tells Dan she found out that Serena gave Aaron the green light for tonight, which surprises Dan. “You aren’t not as quick on the uptake as you pretend to be, Humphrey.” When she asks if he cares, Dan shrugs it off.

Blair can’t believe they both picked knock-offs of themselves — but neither agrees to concede and the bet is still on.

Lily walks in, totally stunning Rufus. She tells Rufus she’s leaving Bart but she’s not expecting anything from Rufus, except a dance.

As Dan and Serena wait for their dates, Dan gets Serena’s attention and it comes out that he knows she’s planning to have sex with Aaron. About Lexi: “I’m going to miss her when she’s gone,” Serena jokes. Dan says he only mentioned it because they are friends now, so Serena tells Dan that Lexi is planning on seducing him tonight as well.

Unfortunately, Dan can’t hide his excitement very well because he admits it’s been a while since he’s had sex. Serena can’t believe Mr. “Sex is Meaningful” is willing to have sex with Lexi and tells him to have fun, walking off. Dan was kidding, but it wasn’t funny to Serena.

Vanessa is surprised to see Jenny at the dance (she’s not a senior). Vanessa says it doesn’t matter because she’s ending her relationship with Nate and didn’t mean to hurt Jenny.

Meanwhile, the headband girls are still plotting Vanessa’s embarrassment.

Nate sees Vanessa, calling her “gorgeous,” but she decides this is the moment to tell him the truth. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before,” Vanessa tells Nate, and she can’t believe it made her do something so terrible — showing Nate the letter that Jenny never received. She tells him she’s sorry in tears as she walks off just as the spotlight is put on her (and Jenny is trying to give Vanessa her coat to cover up with) but it’s too late.

In a scene that reminds me of the Stephen King movie Carrie (except snowflakes are falling instead of pig’s blood), Vanessa is publicly humiliated when everyone sees her skivvies through her see-thru gown — laughter surrounding her.

Nate can’t believe Jenny did that to Vanessa, and isn’t ready to hear excuses. He tells Jenny she’s not the person he thought she was and gives her the letter.

Chuck and Blair find their knock-offs making out, which totally ticks off Blair. Everyone can work things out except for the real Chuck and Blair.

Lily tells Rufus she can’t believe her life has turned out the way it has, not quite sure what to do. She asks Rufus to tell her “something he shouldn’t.” Rufus tells her he’s always regretting letting her go on her wedding day. But unfortunately, Chuck catches them together and warns Bart that he needs to get there.

Bart is in the limo on his way back from the airport riding with the P.I. Andrew Tyler. He didn’t request the meeting with him it seems, rather Tyler tells Bart his last assignment is something he definitely wants to know about. Hearing Chuck’s news, he asks Tyler “what do you have?”

Chuck confronts Lily, who tells her that she’s always been a good friend and good for “us” meaning the family. He tells her that Bart is on the way and that she owes him a conversation. I’m not sure what that means, but I guess Chuck thinks Lily owes Bart another chance.

Vanessa is trying to escape from her embarrassment in cab, but Nate stops her. Touched by her declaration of her feelings for him, Nate tells Vanessa all he could think of when she walked off was: “she’s the one I want to be with.” Vanessa has a funny line when she says she just pulled a “Janet Jackson” at the Snowflake Ball. They leave together. Jenny watches from afar.

The headband girls tell Jenny they saw her try to save Vanessa and tell her she doesn’t have what it takes to be one of them. Jenny tells Penelope that Vanessa is 10 times the person that she is. When they tell her she and Vanessa are hiding out in Brooklyn, Jenny says maybe they should change that, and walks off.

While Blair is feeling pretty hopeless, the romantic Chuck comes up and asks her to dance. But Blair doesn’t see what the point is seeing there will never be a “Chuck and Blair.” “I wouldn’t want to change us if it meant losing what we have,” Chuck tells her. “What do we have?” Blair asks.

“We have tonight,” Chuck tells her. “So shut up and dance with me.”

Then in the most awesomeness, Chuck and Blair dance together. Happily for at least a moment.

Just when things seem to be going well, Lily gets a restricted phone call and answers it, receiving bad news of some sort.

As Lexi and Dan prepare to leave, Serena asks for a moment alone with Dan. She apologizes but Dan says no apology is necessary. They clear the air but agree that their time together was meaningful in a very wistful way. Dan says it feels like they are cutting some mythological tie.

Just then Lily cuts in telling Serena she needs to find Chuck, as Bart has been in an accident. (Many of us already know his fate.)

That’s it until next week (Monday, December 1) when we find out what will happen.

From what I hear, the next episode is a real tear-jerker and Ed Westwick (Chuck) gives an excellent performance.

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    • tehteh

      i hate Vanessa – She’s a home-wrecker!!! =X

    • xoxo

      totally agree with tehteh. vanessa is HORRIBLE!!!!
      Kinda feel sorry for jenny in the end (not that i’m a big fan of hers).really looking forward to the next episode, its supposed to be really good. my heart goes out to chuck, much as i hate bart.

    • raye

      Love the dresses and the drama in this episode and LOVED the new girl (Lexi).

    • Bodzio4

      Serena still has feelings for Dan (well a little) but if Rufus and Lily get married (maybe) and Serena breaks up with Aaron and want’s to get back with Dan then it would be brother and sister dating and thats just plain weird. Even if they don’t date it’s kinda weird that siblings had a romantic past together! Anyways I didn’t like Bart so I’m happy that Lily and Rufus get together exept the Serena and Dan part

    • Bodzio4

      Oh yeah VENESSA SUCKS!

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    • tehteh

      i really hate vanessa….cant they find her a love interest that doesn’t collide with any other story?

      first dan and serena…now nate and jenny (both pairs belong to each other)

      why can’t she get it on with aaron or summit? woah that would be a good idea:
      - both artists
      - both third weels
      - both outsiders


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    • Ann

      I like hare.. Nate and Vanessa Are cute..

    • http://google marty

      adoro gossip girl… è la cosa più fantastica del mondo!! Serena e Den stanno molto bene insieme anke Nate e Vanessa

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