Making Of the “Reach out” Music Video

Barney Miller, who put up this version of the “Reach Out” music video (likely the first, though not final, edit of the video), talked about collaborating on the video.

Barney Miller is the founder / editor of Company X. He collaborated with Phil Andelman to create the “Reach Out” music video, both sharing the same vision and aesthetic for the final product. Phil directed the video and Barney Miller was responsible for the edit. Phil says that Barney’s sense of pacing is shrewd, with each cut having a “tight punch”, which definitely was the case in the final product!!

Barney said this of the video:

“The goal was to really conceptualize a defining transformation in Hilary’s career, in a classic party atmosphere. Philip eased Hilary into the shoot and guided her through the visual storytelling process. There was some trepidation from management as to whether the treatments were too risqué, but in the end, I think we realized Phil’s vision beautifully.”

The music video was said to draw inspiration from fashion photography, trying to capture a sense of still photography while also a sense of quick movement. They wanted to make it energetic without being frenetic, grabbing Hilary’s natural nuances in the music and translating that to the video.

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    • nat

      kool is it suppose 2 b the making of the video? because it just a video clip