Heroes Volume 4: Fugitives

Heroes volume 4 will be airing in January when the NBC show returns from the holiday break.

Titled “Fugitives”, we know at least that the volume will involve the heroes running for their lives. But that’s not all that they’ll be doing. A source named Grunny hints at a plane crash, not like Lost, but a plane crash that puts some of the heroes’ lives in peril.

So, what do we know so far?

  • Zeljko Ivanek Emmy award winner Zeljko Ivanek will join the cast of “Heroes” as the Hunter, and obviously that’s what he does – prey upon the heroes. We will see him on the show before the year ends.
  • “Aliens in America” Dan Byrd is also joining the cast of Heroes in a recurring role as a teenager named Luke whose powers involve emitting microwaves, strong enough to fry people.
  • In one behind the scene, Sylar will be dressed in a SWAT uniform and carrying Luke over his shoulder.
  • “One Tree Hill” alumna Moira Kelly will also be joining “Fugitives” for at least one episode as  a Homeland Security Agent. Finally the government steps in.
  • The series has posted several casting calls, and one of them is for a familiar name to early morning show viewers.

But enough about the new people (for now), what you want are spoilers.

The first episode of “Fugitives” will involve the Hunter capturing the heroes in a transport plane, which of course crashes. Greg Grunberg says we won’t know who survives in that crash.. and E! Online hints there may even be some downsizing of cast members. I also heard that a newish blonde cast will be leaving the show, and I mean her character dies.

Some other spoilers: 

  • Episode 4.17 will be likened to season 1, which is one of the best written episodes this series ever had. The title “Cold War” hints at a kidnapping and some mental interrogation.
  • There is a top secret government operations that involves the military.

Check out this post again for updates on “Heroes” volume 4 Fugitives. I’ll be posting this onto the sidebar as a page, once we have the episodes for volume 4 in place.

Image credit: Newscom

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    • Krzysztof Sokowirówka

      i think that blonde which is going to die in a plane crash is the second sister-Tracy and soon the third sister will appear because they have said that there were three sisters

    • UnknownAgent

      “I also heard that a newish blonde cast will be leaving the show, and I mean her character dies.”

      I’d be glad if it was Tracy, but it seems like that’s gonna be Daphnie to me. Which is sad really, she was an awesome character.

    • http://official-psp786.blogspot.com/ psp786


    • herogirl

      its so Tracy. But when the other one steps in i hope she has somesort of a connection a to a LIVING character, maybe one thats lost its spark and needs something like a new nemesis to fight. Like hmmmm. Claire v Barbra was it? we’ll have Barbra have an ability similar to matts and make her want claire to kill herself, think that works and would be an awesome scene?

    • Lindz

      I hope it is not the speedster. I don’t really want it to be Tracy either… yet I am out of options. Maybe Claire’s mom survived and they kill her again? Wishful thinking.

    • greg

      The wording is “Newish cast member.”

      Niki Later is not newish.

      “Cast member” would refer to the actual person right?

      If that’s the case then its going to be the speedster or some new character that dies.

    • DonP

      ‘Cast member’ may be me mentioned here but it is not mentioned in the original article ,so I guess everything is possible

    • DonP

      I cross checked the information with several sites and it turns out Ali Larter (aka nikki,tracy etc) will be leaving

    • http://www.superheroprofiles.com Grace

      I’m not sure if there is more than one person leaving the show but whoever it is (they are) it would be sad to see them go. But then again, if that’s needed for the show to ramp up, then it’s inevitable.

    • Lindz

      greg: “newish” could also just be a play on words. No Ali is not new, but her character is.

    • Reece

      Heroes Starts Begining Of feb

    • mikaila

      they’ll kill off tracy and bring in barbra. ali larter won’t leave the show. but i think daphne will die too but just for a cover up and be the one captured by the governement. besides daphne isnt going to be on the plane.

    • http://www.yahoo.com angel

      pls.bring back WEST (nicholas d’ agosto) i like him. hes pretty good with claire.

    • http://www.yahoo.com angel

      nicholas d’ agosto must be back in that series. hes the perfect guy for claire.

    • http://www.yahoo.com angel

      pls.bring back nocholas agosto. i miss him so much