Samantha Ronson DJ’s in Dubai

As shown in those gorgeous photos yesterday, Lindsay Lohan flew with Samantha Ronson to Dubai for the Grand Opening celebration of Atlantis, The Palm. The $20 million party included an impressive fireworks display and featured Samantha Ronson as the DJ for the afterparty for the 2500 VIP guests.

Check out some more photos of Lindsay, of Sam DJing, and of the fireworks display:

Lindsay Lohan Sam Ronson

Now, I’m going to post a link to this story, but tell you once again that it’s not a reliable news source. Page Six is reporting that Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson are fighting every day “screaming, crying and yelling at each other.”

They say Sam doesn’t like Lindsay’s drama and that their fights are going public. I think it’s a load of crap, which is why I don’t publish these rumors here. Sure, things sometimes get tense in public – but wouldn’t you get annoyed sometimes with dozens of flashes going off in your face as you try to get to your car?!

Now, back to the pretty photos…

Lohan Ronson DubaiLohan Ronson DubaiLohan Ronson DubaiLohan Ronson DubaiLohan Ronson DubaiLohan Ronson Dubai

(Photos by Getty Images/Atlantis, The Palm)

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    • madeleine

      i knew it was lies look sam is smileing they are happy :)…and by the way that hotel is beutiful omg

    • JUan

      estas linda lindsay…besotes…
      juan ;)

    • Nina

      Reading the stories more carefully,Samantha was still djing at 5 in the morning.Lindsay was right to burst.They were there since 9 in the evening.Well i still have hopes.By the way Samantha looks great with these hair.

    • Lindsay_Lohan_RuLes!

      oh i`m so confused.. i can only hope now, but Samantha and Lindsay look happy, is that fake? Love u, Lindsay! keep strong! xoxo peace

    • Larry R

      Well… Lindsay is going to be unhappy with anyone except ME, as I truly Love H-e-r, So yes this relationship She has with Samantha Ronson is sort of doomed, as it were. Lindsay I love YOU, and the constant Drama that surrounds you doesn’t bother me, given a chance I would make order out of it in very qiuck time. ALSO the poopingratzi’s don’t bother me either, and I would insist on walking at your side, as a partial shield against that madness, instead of behind you, or ahead of you, but YOU right at my side, where You belong, holding hands against all the picture taker flashbulb poppers in the world !!!!!!!!!
      GOD Bless You Always, Lindsay D Lohan, I Love You Always, me, Larry T Robinson O.R. Tn.

    • AmerikanuLuvLindsay

      They are so happy together is so good to see that….Hope you had fun in Dubai…LLove you unique Angel…peace

    • silent reader

      lilo is so skinny.. doesnt look great on her.. i love her curves.. bring it back!!

    • Nordic

      They look happy together and I am sure anyone would get pissed off after being in closed contact with the London paps for 4 days… Samantha doesn’t like the spotlight. All relationships has their ups and downs… you make a choice to stay together and fight FOR the relationship. That’s how relationships last!

    • everythingthatdoesntmatter

      the camera people are really horrible ifeel they should leave lohan alone and be fined or jailed for following her around..

      may all the legislations in ALL countries…hmm… laws can be changed such that ppzis can be jailed or magz be fined for such atrocious acts.. gets a bit sick dun u think? flashing in ur eyes the whole time..

      it takes just a handful of people to ask for the law to put into place.. and u guys shld so leave her alone!

      HMM… what’s got her personal life gotta do wif yo anyway…

      Sam.. if my no cents worth sounds like shit, i’d still say this.. if someone love someone, they should give the one they love all their love via freedom to be who that person can be… and is only self-centred-ness that makes u go crazy wif jealous or sour-ness.. or rage… love ya both lots.. even though i dun even know ya in person.

    • Jessica King

      Lindsay look stunning and like her dress

    • Laura

      Lindsay looks fucking Stunn-ING. As for Sam, shes looking mighty fine herself.

    • OPIE

      I’m not a fan of Lindsay’s hair like that. Her features look a bit… angular here. I think the tanner isn’t helping, either. I prefer her natural skin tone.

    • Yello

      Lindsay is getting way too skinny. What is she trying to be as skinny as Sam for? She is healthier when she has a few more pounds on her like in August.

    • Nina

      I believe its cause all the travelling and the stress.When she was filming in the summer she had to stay in LA and she was eating properly.Now she is in a different country almost everyda,i realy doubt she eats properly.

    • LLSR

      If it’s true the good for them….they realise that relationships need work. Sounds like they both realise what they have to lose…if only the Paps would leave them alone once in a while, their lives are lived out in a pressure cooker that even the strongest couple would find hard to endure.
      Lindsay needs to remember what being in a committed relationship means, and to think about Samantha’s feelings before she acts, but that is all part of growing up and she is only 22. You can trust Samantha and her love for you…she knows what she wants and it’s you, Lindsay!!
      Samantha has done such a good job of ignoring all the pressure up to now, she should just continue to ignore it and to go about her life with Lindsay the way she has – hold hands, kiss, do whatever you want – if you do it everyday, the shine will disappear for the paps since the money won’t be there for the photos, cos there will be too many of them!!
      I hope they work this out, I am scared what will happen to Lindsay if they don’t and also for the affect on Samantha of having to see Lindsay spiral out of control. If they split the only way Samantha can maintain her sanity will be to cut her off, she doesn’t seem the type who will be able to maintain a friendship with Lindsay – it sounds like it’s all or nothing…let’s hope it is all.

    • Deep Background

      That’s good news that they are fighting. Maybe she will finally get over that Sam character. Lindsay needs to get back to the straight side. Lesbian isn’t good for her career.

    • Cathy

      in my opinion,Samantha& Lindsay r the match couple as i agree the lesbianism.both of them r beautiful n young n famous so what else?:)whatever it is whatever who r not agree with lesbianism,anyway i AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cathy

      i agree with the lesbianism to lindsay