Hilary Duff’s “Best Of” Selling Poorly

Hilary Duff’s second greatest hits album, which came out on November 11th, Best of, has sold only 5,500 copies during its first week in stores. These sales earning the CD slot #125 on the chart, based on Nielsen SoundScan data. This is much further down the chart than other new albums, including David Archuleta‘s self-titled album, which came in at #2.

As you’ll notice from looking at the live chart in the post earlier this week, “Reach Out” has climbed from #3 to #2 on the Hot Dance Club Play for Billboard.com.

Via MTV Image: Amazon

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    • Elizabeth

      Sorry, but that is totally expected.
      There are only 2 new songs on there, and a quite a few of them are on her other best hits album. She should not have made another CD, just waited to release the 2 songs with her next CD of new songs.
      I didn’t buy it. i wanted to buy the two new songs on iTunes, but they aren’t even there!

    • brendon

      hilary doesn’t care about this album. She did no promotion nor did she even mention it on TRL when she attended the finale. She only did it to end the contract.

    • Hilary

      I agree with brendon. I blame stupid Hollywood Records b/c they didn’t let her do much! They are hard on her and they didn’t let her leave easy! I’m glad she’s leaving somewhere else.

    • Kyle

      I agree. It doesn’t suprise me. It was only to end the contract. I am glad she is leaving Hollywood Records! They never supported her properly like the other stars contracted with them.

    • nat

      i am very upset hope it sells good

    • Aly

      I agree with Elizabeth. They shouldve made the other songs remixes or something diff. from the other Most Wanted CD. I dont get why the songs are not on Itunes. Ive been checking everyday to see if the 2 new songs are on there and theyre not. I hope to start hearing Hilary on the Radio again.

    • DCMA Queen

      What is the other song called?

    • http://hilaryduffonetruegod.blogspot.com/ Philip

      brendon is right. I didn’t expect this album to sell very well at all. Simply, Hil is now out of her contract and is recording new material and preparing for a TV show.

      I do love the two new songs. But unfortunatley, they may not get the listens they deserve being that they won’t likely be on a brand new album.

      I have faith in Hilary, she is a true genius and is doing things her own way. Am thankful she is a true musician and just keeps on going. After all, she created what music is. There is always an audience for the Duff. And my belief that Hilary Duff is God and Creator remains strong.
      Keep the faith in Hilary!

    • Josh

      hmm… no advertising, no promotions, not playing on the radio (much), NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OF IT!!!
      frickin hollywood records sucks! no wonder she want to leave so bad.
      i saw this coming too, no one is looking forward to The Best of Hilary Duff, we want a new album!! with new songs! i bought the album but i havent even listened to it. Not to mention i am not really a fan of either of the new songs.

      i cannot wait for her to come out with a completely new album with different people and make a hit! this is bs!

    • Alejandro

      Its very sad to see Hilarys music career fall apart, I like her so much and I just hope she makes it up for the fans with her next album, wich is produced by a new label, hopefully a serious and supporting one.

    • Hashem

      All of u guys are right hollywood records arent treating her lyk miley or the joe bros , And she was the one who made holly wood famous cuz of her lizzie series isnt that right or wat?! they rly suck! And hilary is a true fighter and she is goin to make a rly nice album and rly nice songsss,shez an angel from heaven, and the new album and tv shows are goin to rock the wrold!

    • L.A.M.B. Girl

      I am glad to see this and totally expecting this NO TALENT Duff to just “go away” soon. I hope the only time we read about her in the near future is in the “where are they now?” sections.

    • http://pretty-duff.wetpaint.com/ Material_Girl

      ooooooh c’mon guys just grab the “Best Of” CDs…………… I wish It’d have available in India!

    • madeleine

      i think the reason its selling poorly is becuse people have heard the songs they wouldent want to by the cd if its only got 2 new songs i bet her new album will be much better

    • http://www.piczo.com/danella0126 Danella

      i think yall should leave hilary alone. i didnt buy the new cd either, but the 2 new songs she DOES have on there are HOT…

      i love you hilary. * peace

    • MAIK

      Dats cuz Hollaywood Recz dontz promotz dis albumz yall.