Flashback: Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson on Ellen

I just gotta say this: weren’t Nick and Jessica cute together during the Newlyweds days? I loved that show and all the promo work they did for it. For this flashback clip today, I’ve got their appearance on the Ellen show.

In the first part, Nick and Jess bring out peanut butter and banana as a snack for Ellen. Then they get right to the nitty gritty. Ellen asks them if fame is tearing them apart. It’s interesting, because they both seem to hesitate. Then they say “no” but it’s not very convincing. Then Nick jokes that they are bound by a television contract, so neither can go anywhere. THEN Nick jokes about getting a divorce.

They also reveal when they first met. Jessica then talks about how many guys she dated during that break up time that she and Nick had before they got married (answer: one) and then Jess says she’s a marrying girl and not a dating girl. She says she was meant to be married.

In the second part, they talk about their variety show and when they might start a family. Then Ellen talks about how messy Jessica is and gives her an awesome cleaning starter kit.

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