MTV’s Lineup Is All About Reality Shows


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I have been so disengaged from MTV for a couple of years now. I seriously can not remember the last time I was able to watch a full-length music video of a song. A few years back, even though MTV has Real World and Road Rules, you’d still be able to sit down and watch new and old videos. Not anymore. Try tuning to it one day and you’ll find one reality show after another.

While perusing the website a couple of weeks ago, my eye made contact to it’s roster of shows. I saw a lineup of reality shows with no mention of any music video related programming.

  • America’s Best Dance Crew
  • Busted
  • My Super Sweet 16
  • Made
  • Cribs
  • Engaged and Underage
  • Exiled
  • From G’s To Gents
  • The Hills
  • Man and Wife

  • Making The Band 4
  • Next
  • Parental Control
  • Paris Hilton My New BFF
  • Pimp My ride
  • Real World XX : Hollywood
  • RW/RR : The Island
  • Run’s House
  • Sex.. with Mom and Dad
  • True Life
  • The X Effect

That’s the lineup of shows MTV has lately. At least before they had Total Request Live, but that’s canceled now. Last Summer there was F’N MTV, that was a Friday night version of TRL, hosted by Pete Wentz.

People could argue that you could watch a music video online through or oh I don’t know, YouTube maybe? But what if I don’t want to watch it online? What if I want to watch it in my living room like I used to. I’m sure some of us could do without “Next“, “The X Effect“, “Parental Control“, “Exhiled“, “Engaged and Underaged” (seriously?) oh and God forbid, not another season of the vapid cast from “The Hills“. Don’t get me started with Paris looking for a new bestfriend. Like we need more affectation coming from her and her stupid minions.

If MTV wants to stick to this kind of programming then I suggest they change the name “MTV” to something else. RTV perhaps for Reality TV, since that’s pretty much what they’re offering these days. Well except for “The Hills“. Everyone knows that it’s scripted as all hell, heh! :)

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    • amy french

      yh i think its good that reality shows are all on mtv cuz people ave to relise that live in’t all about fake things like soaps that show us noting about what really happens i life

    • Dexie

      Amy, people know what Soaps are. While MTV used to be home for music videos, not reality shows. Besides, those reality shows have been known to be scripted and manipulated…