EXCLUSIVE: Chad is Still a Role Model

Last year I met Chad Crittenden and was able to tell him that I had admired him since I first saw him on the show. As a cancer survivor, he now has a prosthetic leg and and a whole new mission. To inspire and help other amputees adjust to their changed abilities. I definitely do not say dis-abilities, because anyone who has met Chad knows that he is not disabled, he’s differently-abled. He told me that he has been competing in triathons (heck, how many of us can say we do that and have no challenges to use as an excuse?)

As people go, he’s one of the nice ones. After he and I chatted at the after party, I was ready to call it a night and Chad was a gentleman and walked me to the shuttle. He’s not only a role model, he’s a great person too. So anyone who is in need of information for amputees, be sure to visit Chad’s web site, and feel free to tell him I sent you.

Chad Crittenden
Chad (Vanuatu)
[Photo: Reality Exploits - DO NOT repost without permission]
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