Preview of Sam & Analeigh on The Big Bang Theory

Analeigh and Samantha will be on tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. The preview below explains Wolitz’s new fascination with America’s Next Top Model, his determination to find the house the girls are living in and how their chance encounter comes to be.

The video also explains how Analeigh and Samantha got on the show. It’s not a challenge win, as I originally thought, but an original story-line. Although, you have to admit that the cross-promotion can’t hurt.

Here’s a quick video explaining the plot line. Analeigh compares working on a sitcom to the set of ANTM. It seems like she and Sam had a lot of fun!

The episode airs tonight on CBS at 8pm.

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      Ugh! if I saw Analeigh walking down the street, she’ll never strike me as model. Sam looks radiant. I’m not a fan but I’ll give credit where credit is due.

    • Bri

      analeigh looks like ellen pompeo from greys in that clip

    • joy

      I was thinking… (I am probably wrong) but maybe they wanted to show the episode before one of them would get eliminated!