Lindsay Lohan Harper’s Bazaar December 2008

Lindsay Lohan is the cover girl for the December 2008 edition of Harper’s Bazaar. In the candid interview, “Lindsay Lohan: Myth vs Reality“, Lindsay opens up about her love life, her family and what’s planned for her career. The photoshoot is amazing – the third to last in the lookbook is fabulous!

Lindsay Lohan Harper’s Bazaar Video:

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The interview was conducted in early October at Chateau Marmont, a hotel Lindsay admits to living in for 2 years “Who blogs that much money on a hotel?” she reflects. But Lindsay knows it was her own choices that led to the state her life was in:

“I did it to myself, and I have to deal with the consequences. I’m thankful for what I can take out of it. Now I feel clear. That’s my past, and I’m a different person now. I have goals and I’m working to achieve them. I’m not hanging out with people who are out every night getting fucked up.”

Lindsay admits, with a smile, that she’s happy. But she’s not yet ready to talk publicly about her relationship with Samantha Ronson. Why? Because she is worried about jinxing it: “the second I start talking about whomever I’m seeing, a month or two later it’s failed.”

Lindsay says it’s “obvious” who she’s seeing, and that it’s “no shock to anyone” that she and Sam have been seeing each other for “quite some time.” Check out this cute photo of the couple in Vegas! In a rare candid moment, Lindsay says:

“She’s a wonderful person and I love her very much.”

Being candid does not stop there. Lindsay says she’s “maybe” been with a girl before, and would “maybe, yeah” classify herself as bisexual, though not as lesbian. She’d rather not classify herself at all, but instead go on “appreciat[ing] people” of all kinds. Would Lindsay marry? Perhaps eventually. Kids? When she’s ready, when her “shit” is in line.

Lindsay says her family has been very supportive of her, regardless of whether she’s with a guy or a girl. Lindsay even provides guidance to her younger sister Ali, telling her to not be “afraid of who she wants to be,” using her own choices as an example of living that. To her father, Lindsay says his actions have hurt her. Lindsay insists Michael is not a bad guy, but just someone making “bad choices” – they are not talking right now.

Lindsay Lohan, as we know from her last interview, admits to being a TV junkie. So, what does she watch? Gossip Girl!! And on her blogging, it’s to let people know who she is inside.

“I don’t want people to think that I’m just an empty fucking whatever.”

The interview continues by talking about Lindsay’s goals for her music career and her acting, and the high praise that Rick Schwartz gives to Lindsay for Labor Pains – how he’s “spread[ing] the gospel of Lindsay.” Lindsay is sure she’ll find the right project to recapture the praise of Hollywood – that she’s a fighter, is “up for a challenge”, and will keep going.

Lindsay Lohan Lookbook - Harper’s Bazaar Photoshoot

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    • Cheril

      What a candid interview. It’s cool that she watches Gossip Girl, one of my favorite shows.

    • Rachel Rule:dave must visit often

      Lindsay was supposed to play the role of Blair Waldorf in a movie version of Gossip Girl,way back in 2004. i have no idea whatever happened to that role…

    • http://yahoo brian

      Loves IT

    • madeleine

      well i am glad linday is happy finally

    • Nina

      Great Interview and she sounds so mature.

    • AmerikanuLuvLindsay

      Great interview….She was smashing(as always)in the photo shoot…Beautiful…..I love to hear that she is happy and i’m happy that she thinks so mature…I really like it when she talks about her love life…You can really see from her words that she love’s Sam so much and the other way around…LLove you unique Goddess…peace

    • Lindsay Lohan RuLeS!

      BEAUTIFUL!! just BEAUTIFUL! she`s amazing.. i can`t find words to describe her.. especially in English! lol. but really she`s so hot! the interview is great! i`m so glad she`s happy! She is absolutely BACK!! Our Lindsay 4ever! Love u, beauty queen! xoxo peace

    • Sarah

      I’m glad and so proud of Lindsay for picking her life back up :)) She seems to be in a really good place right now, with her mind on all the right things. Keep it up.

    • OPIE

      Even though she had confirmed her relationship with Samantha several months ago on Loveline, that a little vague. Here she’s a bit more direct about it and I say, good for her.

      But we learn something about why she had been tight lipped, and is still a little reluctant to talk about her and Sam. She says that her past relationships failed about a month or so after she talked about them. This is an interesting insight.

      However, I doubt if she needs to worry about this happening with Sam. I have not witnessed her past relationships first hand, but if I were to guess from up here in the cheap seats, I would say that a big part of the reason why her past relationships failed is that they tended to be sex first, miserably failed attempt at friendship second. With Samantha, this seems to be the opposite, being friends first and then getting together after years of friendship.

      Which is not to say that there aren’t thing that could go wrong. Hopefully they won’t, of course. I just want to point out that the big factor in her failed relationships is not here. So there is a greater chance of long-term success.

    • Jessica King

      Wow,I love it.Lindsay is very good model this video.She is really better than Hilary Duff.I not fan of Gossip Girl.Lindsay sound more mature.

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