Lance Bass Talks About An N’Sync Reunion


(Image : Newscom)

Lance Bass is once again talking about the possibility of an N’sync reunion. Poor Lance. He’s the only who keeps talking about it. When people ask Justin Timberlake, he pretty much avoids it and you could tell from listening to his answers and the way he tries to get out of answering the question that he’d rather eat nails than gather all the boys to work on a reunion album. That’s what I get from JT anyway.

Lance said he wants to do a “Boyz II Men” format where they would just sit on stools and sing. That’s kinda hard to pull off in my opinion. N’Sync has been known to have killer moves and choreography ;). I doubt they could sit down and sing “Bye Bye Bye” with an acoustic-like melody. Well, I hope Lance gets his wish next year. If not, I know he’s part of the Dancing With The Stars celebrity tour next year so he’d still be around :). 

What do you guys think? Should N’Sync reunite

(SOURCE : Popdirt)

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