Sugar kicking butt on “Survivor”

As mentioned twice before, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper (Shane on Gilmore Girls) has been competing this season on Survivor: Gabon – Earth’s Last Eden. And she’s been doing very well!

In the last episode, Sugar even had a hat-tip in the title, “It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl.” Go Sugar! In this seventh episode of the season, two people were voted out. And Sugar can be credited with some of that, by totally blindsiding Ace, who was one of the ones voted out. She is in possession of the immunity idol AND the immunity necklace, so that gives her a great deal of power to influence things. But the poor girl has been sent to exile SO many times. What an upsetting experience for her.

Here’s a deleted scene from Survivor that features Sugar talking about her luck:

Here’s the CBS recap of the 7th episode of the season so far:

Tune in on Thursday to see if Sugar can keep up her lucky streak!!

Image: Canwest Media / CBS

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    • Adrienne

      she better not win!
      i got money on someone else :) lol

      shes really doing so good. im very surprised. i considered her “the dumb blonde”