Rachael Blosil Outshines Mom Marie Osmond at Criss Angel Premiere

Gala Premiere Of

19-year-old Rachael Blosil was a picture of elegance at the gala premiere of Criss Angel Believe in Las Vegas on Friday. Perhaps her mom, Marie Osmond, could pick up a few style tips from her gorgeous teen!

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    • Anne

      Marie is not an 19-year-old girl. I wouldn’t want to see her dressed like one, either. I think both Marie and Rachael (not Rachel) look great. They both look appropriately dressed for their age. Marie looks great, no matter what she wears!

    • laurenkatu

      Each to their own, but I think Rachael (thanks for the spelling tip) is wearing something classically elegant that would be appropriate at any age. Marie on the other hand … well it’s a risky outfit that to me looks far too fussy to actually work.

    • Ari

      They need to swap outfits. Her daughter would look good in either. Marie just looks silly.

    • Brie

      mmm…I’m not loving the hat…but the dress is way cute! I think if Marie were wearing a different top it could work, and maybe not those jeans. probably black wash skinny jeans….they almost don’t look like jeans but slacks. that would work

    • Sue

      Marie’s time has come and gone. Her Daughter Rachael has the makings of a Hellcat, Daughter of Marie Osmond or not.

    • Shannon

      That’s not Rachel Osmond. Nor is it Marie Osmond. It’s KATE WINSLET!!!!! From the movie Titanic. Anyone heard of it? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!