Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the most anticipated sequel of 2009


According to a poll just released today, moviegoers are most looking forward to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as far as sequels go for 2009. Here’s the rest of the movies that people were excited about:

1. “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”
2. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”
3. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”
4. “Public Enemies”
5. “Angels & Demons”
6. “Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian”
7. “The Informant”
8. “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”
9. “The Day the Earth Stood Still”
10. “The Taking of Pelham 123″

Which ones do you think look the best? I’m definitely up for some X-Men, and the Angels and Demons movie, if it’s anything like the book, should be great. How about you?

image courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment

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