• Sun, Oct 26 2008

Music from The Hills Season 4 – “You’ll Never Have This”

lauren and audrina in mexico

“Keeps Getting Better”
Christina Aguilera
Scene: The gang swims and and parties in Cabo by day.

“Your Love Is A Lee”
Simple Plan
Scene: Stephanie and Heidi shop together.

“Dont Trust Me”
Scene: Stephanie and Heidi shop together.

Scene: Cast have dinner in Cabo.

“Stupid S***”
Scene: Night falls in Cabo.

“why (please tell me) aurel M remix”
Scene: Stephanie considers Spencer’s words

“Let It Rock”
Kevin Rudolf
Scene: Night progresses in Cabo. Spencer and Heidi double date with Stephanie and Cameron.

“Rumored Nights”
The Academy Is…
Scene: Night turns sour in Cabo.

“The Story”
Brandi Carlile
Scene: Night draws to a close in Cabo.

“Es Mi Reve”
Scene: Audrina and Justin discuss their issues.

“Like A Knife”
Secondhand Serenade
Scene: Stephanie talks to Spencer after he runs the stairs in Santa Monica.

“The Test”
The Academy Is…
Scene: LC comforts Audrina.

Scene: End of episode with scenes of Cabo.

Image Source: MTV.com

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