On Jessica Alba’s New Kid-Friendly, Eco-Friendly Home

Jessica Alba gave InStyle a sneak-peak into her newly renovated, kid-friendly, eco-friendly home.

If you can recall, about a year ago Jessica Alba and Cash Warren spent quite some time looking for a new pad and the one that they finally found needed some serious work so Jessica took the “white canvas” and designed the home of her dreams.

“It’s kid-friendly, animal-friendly,” Jessica said. “You can jump on the sofas, walk around barefoot, there’s nothing off-limits here.”

“The energy here is so inviting – it is open and playful, and everywhere you look, inside and out, you get to see a part of nature.”

On Cash’s contribution to the clean home Jessica said “he’s pretty organized for a dude.”

On the environmental friendlyness of the home, Jessica explained that the paint picked for the home are nontoxic all furniture is made of recycled furniture.

Check out a full outline of Alba’s home here.

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