Hilary Duff on CNN

Hilary Duff was interviewed by CNN recently about the ThinkB4YouSpeak campaign which encourages kids not to casually call things “gay”.

Hilary Duff says she got involved with the campaign because people are “not kind enough to each other,” and that kids should not have to fear going to school. Hilary says that calling things “gay” has become too casual, and she encourages us not to unintentionally hurt others by using the term.

Have you taken steps in your own life to stop calling things ‘gay’?

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    • Amy

      I have stop calling things gay. People don’t know how hurtful that word is. The word “gay” can hurt people meantly and emotional. I’m happy that some one decided to make an ad for this campaign. They should just show this campaign over air in the US. This campaign should be shown world wide. Saying “gay” has became casual in our vocab today. Instead of saying the word “gay” another word should be put in place.

    • Natalie

      k kool people should not say tat its mean i all waysay stuff is gay but i dont mean it i have 2 listen2 hil so i will try not 2 say it
      luv u hilary duff 4 eva!

    • http://www.myspace.com/sarah_elizabeth_waldie sarah – elizabeth

      yea i have stopped saying the term ‘gay’ sometimes it will slip out and then ill change it with something else. I told people at work that they shouldn’t use it so hopefully hilary’s word is getting out.

    • brandon

      omg hilary i love you and yes please stop saying gay it is very hurtful i have heard of it everywhere