General Hospital : Nurse Nadine Sucks!


I’m not going to beat around the bush anymore. I’ve been avoiding saying anything about this Nikolas and Nadine pairing because frankly, I couldn’t care less. Nadine is annoying as all hell. This cat and mouse storyline is not cute. Nadine’s childish bursts every time Nikolas is with another woman is a waste of airtime. Tyler Christopher and Claire Coffee deserve a more substantial story than this.

This “I don’t fit in your royal worldly views and lifestyle” is getting old. Please, give me a freaking break. Nurse Nadine, and this stupid childish love story build-up is pointless.

(Image : Newscom)

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    • alyssa

      Thank you!! you took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Dexie

      I almost said “Nurse Nadine can sucks Guza’s toes” but…. LOL

    • Stephanie

      Nicolas use to be a brooding hero. Looked all dark but inside was the best person you could find. Now with Emily’s death, he’s picked the one woman who is his complete opposite, all fuzzy and happy on the outside, but you know she’d got one whopper of a secret. I really don’t notice them when they are on, because I can only deal with so much stupid during the day.

    • Annie

      It was cute for maybe one episode, now it’s just sickening. Hey, maybe that’s what Guza wants. Another reason to turn off GH. It started with no preview of the next day’s episode. At first I hated it. Now I have it timed so I can leave, maybe run some errands earlier than before when I wouldn’t move until I had the next day’s preview, and I don’t have to watch them (the ads). I’m sure the sponsers love that. Now when I see Nik and Nadine, I can go get an iced tea, answer a couple e-mails and when I hear someone else on, go back to watching. I do like “The Jackal”, Maxie and Lulu interacting. As a duo or trio, they’re cute and funny, but Nik and Nadine….barf.

    • Elizabeth L. Bluhm

      I cannot agree more. Another thing that sucks are all the mob stories. Thank goodness for dvr I can now watch G. H. in about 15 minutes

    • AmberLee

      I disagreee I like Nadine she is different”BUT I AGREE THAT THEY HAVE CHANGED HER MORE RECENTLY” In the same token even Nikolas is the same I think they are trying to creat hate/love relationship with the audience but it’s too much!!

      Claire Coffee is a very pretty and talented actress so you are right she really does deserve a better story line!

    • Chris

      I agree with the stupid storyline about Nadine and Nicolas. She is SO idiotic. Also…..I am getting VERY tired of the Spinelli (spelling?) character. No one in real life talks like that. I just cringe when he’s on. Does anyone else think this?