NKOTB’s The Block Review, Part Deux


On the first NKOTB’s The Block review that I wrote on September 2nd, I said :

The Block is hot, sexy, SEX, satisfying someone, unrequited sex-love-making however you want to call it album. In short, all the songs have a connotation of someone being horny.

Having said that, I must revisit my review and add that The Block is really really really good. For a group, boy band no less, that hasn’t been in the mainstream for years and years to come up with an amazing album is rare. 4 hits may have been acceptable as an A-okay album for a much anticipated reunion but The Block is different. Because like I said, it’s really good. There are no 4 hits, nor are there 5 hits, all 13 tracks, plus 4 songs on the deluxe edition all have the potential of being good hits on their own.

Unlike any other albums that pop up every year from artists who are churning out at least 4 hits, The Block is something you can listen to, if you’re a Pop Music fan anyway, from the beginning to the end, multiple times. From the 1st track to the last. After listening to The Block over and over again, I can honestly say that I’m not sick of it yet. Not by a long shot.

Here’s a list of some audios from NKOTB’s The Block that I’ve featured thus far :

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