Two Fox Reality Channel Really Awards go to MTV Shows

Greg Halstead from The Real World Hollywood brought home the Fox Reality Channel Really Award for Best Villain.  Completely appropos, we think at MTV Reality World.

One other award went to an MTV show. Brandon “Bo” Kunkle & Chad Tulik from A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila won for Best Smackdown.

What other MTV shows or stars should have won?

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    • Shondah Williams

      As a United States female veteran I am disgusted with Puff’s condensending, arrogant, and maco tyrant attitude towards the 2 young ladies D Woods and Aubrey. I can not believe that as adult business ladies you are not allowed to have a voice and speak your mind. Now that is exactly why I fought for my country.. I do not believe in communist treatment.. and no one in America should allow to accept the Fidel Castro treatment! I am dissapointed for the lack of self respect the other 3 women had in not voicing their REAL concerns to Diddy.. but I guess if you are bullied by such man then they will have to live with it.. On national TV I saw and will make sure that my 3 nieces and my 2 daughters never buy into a Puff record or label.. As women we have faught long and hard to be humiliated by men like Sean/peadiddy/puffy puff …