Kimberly Nixon talks about love scene with Rupert Grint

National Movie Awards 2007 - Arrivals

Kimberly Nixon, who plays Rupert Grint’s love interest in his new project Cherry Bomb:

‘When we were filming the sex scenes I turned to him and said: “I’m going to get loads of hate mail from girls who are absolutely in love with you – they are going to think I am this [girl] who de-flowered you.”‘

The actress, 23, tells me: ‘I’d never done a sex scene before and I was extremely nervous. But because Rupert was even more nervous, I had to pretend to be cool about it.

‘When I told my boyfriend I had to do a sex scene he wasn’t too pleased. But when I told him who it was with, he laughed for ten minutes, because he couldn’t imagine anybody having sex with Ron Weasley.’


Wouldn’t it be so WEIRD to have this kind of scene with someone? What do you think?

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    • Karin

      This piece of ‘news’ has been confirmed by Kim’s agency as being FALSE. She did not make those comments and the girl in the picture (the article is from notorious tabloid Daily Mail) isn’t even Kim.

    • Caroline

      Hello, I’m new here, I live in Spain, so I talk little english and not very good, but I can understand it well. When I read the news I could’n believe, I think is a publicity thing, if not I don’t think they look good together.

    • http://jull juli

      hello!! i dont belive jejeje no no

    • rachel

      thats so mean of her boyfriend to just laugh i would tell him to shut up if he did that to me

    • kayleigh

      i love him he’s amazing and her boyfriend is just mean . i’ve actually met rupert and he’s so funny and sweet ;L