Lindsay Lohan leaving Bowery Hotel

Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson are still in New York, and surrounded by paparazzi. With all the events Lindsay has been attending this past week, there’s no doubt the photographers are flocking to her! On her way out of the Bowery Hotel today, Lindsay took the photographers with her while Samantha Ronson quietly slipped out after to meet up. Less of a media frenzy that way!

Lindsay Lohan leaving Bowery Hotel
Image: used with permission by Newscom

Lindsay Lohan leaving Bowery Hotel
Image: used with permission by Newscom

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    • OPIE

      I have to say, I’m really feeling for Sam here. Lord knows, I would hate the media attention. But that can’t be good for Lindsay, either.

    • charlie

      Yeah. It must be hard not be able to kiss or hug the one you love every time you want. A nice calm walk holding hands.

      But, I really hope this two can solve whatever is in the middle of them.

    • http://yahoo brian

      love you La Lohan

    • madeleine

      i wish people would stop saying they are dating they dont no lindsey or sam hasent said yes we are dating i no it seems kinda like there dateing but wait for lindsey or sam to say all we are doing is spreding the tabloids lies

    • http://lindsaylohanleavingboweryhotel Aly

      yes it must be hard but why dont they move out to the country or something then they wont have to do that all the time

    • Lindsay Lohan RuLeS!

      guys, i don`t get it.. when she was with Harry Morton they kissed and huged and it didn`t matter.. what`s the different between Lindsay`s relatinship with Harry and with Samantha? She can do with her what she wanna do.. They have relationship and that`s ok! They have to show everybody their feelings! It`s not bad to love someone and to show this love! =] [ btw so sorry for the bad English! ] Love u, Lindsay! peace xoxo

    • Lindsay Lohan RuLeS!

      and by the way this cell phone that Lindsay is bringin’.. it`s new, right? or not?

    • AmerikanuLuvLindsay

      LLove you honey…peace

    • Nina

      The difference this time is that Samantha seems a serious and shy private person who doesnt want to use LIndsay,and all this previous snogging with so many men didnt do Lindsays reputation any good.I must say iam happy to see them keeping it private.I do like to see them holding hands and smiling to each other though.
      The press hunt has become ridiculus.

    • Yello

      Lindsay has said that her and Sam have been together “for a very long time”. They have also been pictured kissing, holding hands, hugging etc. I think that means they are dating Madeline. Actions speak louder than words.

    • Sarah

      i hate her boots

    • llrocks

      i’ve been a fan of lindsay lohan for the longest time. i’m crazy about her! anyone of you knows what celphone unit she’s using? i mean this one she’s holding while leaving the hotel? thanks!

    • harvey

      i have been seeing allthese things about lindsay all over the net and entertainment shows. every guy she has dated has been a first rate loser,soi have to wonder if she just has had bad luck guys and wants to try something different.but all the loser boy friends aside you also have to look at her friends ,p.hilton is obviously a snake britnet has her hands full,and her family what a one can blame her for trying to cover her butt.iwish her a careerthat she wants and a happiness she all the people doing all the bad mouthing about her should step back and try to see the bigger picture