• Tue, Oct 14 2008

Yves Klein Blue Record Album in America

Yves Klein BlueIt’ll be all work and no play for Yves Klein Blue when they head to the United States next month. The Brisbane punk band is on a strict schedule for recording their debut album. They’ll work every day but Sundays, when they’ll probably need some sleep!

“It’s a very nerve-wracking adventure. I feel a lot of pressure,” lead singer Michael Tomlinson admitted to The Sunday Telegraph.

“EPs are well and good, but an album is like a grand statement – and none more so than your first album. It’s like a manifesto, so there’s a lot of pressure.”

It’s always interesting to hear what comes from such an intense situation, so I’m looking forward to see what YKB come up with in the US of A!

Image source: Sing Me a Song @ Flickr

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