Meryl Streep’s daughter’s first role? A sex addict!

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Let’s get one thing on the table: I love, no, I LURVE Meryl Streep. She is the wind beneath my wings. She is the yin to my yang. She is the dingo that stole my baby – wait, that last one doesn’t quite go, but I’m keeping it. Everything Meryl (can I call you Meryl?) has done is like straight from the hand of God in its awesomeness.

But I’m not too sure about her daughter Grace Gummer, who’s chosen as her first starring role a sex addict. Let’s see what’s going on:

MERYL Streep’s daughter, Grace Gummer, is launching her acting career here with an erotically charged bang. The blonde, 22, stars in Neil Blackadder’s over-the-top drama “The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents,” opening Nov. 11 at the Wild Project in the East Village. She plays Dora, who, after 10 years on tranquilizers, develops an insatiable sexual appetite which results in an unwanted pregnancy and a grisly abortion. Grace’s older sister, Mamie, recently wowed Broadway in “Les Liaisons Dangereuses.”


Maybe I’m old-fashioned and frumpy (that would be yes on both counts), but aren’t there roles out there that don’t include lots and lots o’ nasty sex? Like, maybe a good story and some character development? Or would that be too much to ask?

Sigh. I’m getting back to my stories now. Pass me my Geritol, missy!

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    • cari

      Did you see ‘Evening’?? I would say that was her ‘breakout’ role and you could say a ‘starring’ role as well. She was amazing. I thought so even before I realized post-movie that she was Streeps daughter. She holds her own and is not one of these actors riding the windstream of a parent.

    • http://Yahoo Pushpa

      Sex addict roll she (grace) is playing. And you are passing a judgment on her.
      It is very handy to pass judgment on anyone.
      Give her a break, Grace will be fine, and one day she will be as good as her mother.
      Beside I am a diehard Maryl Streep’s fan, and no one better say anything about her or her family. I love you Meryl I am a 66 year old, & my grand daugher Mira(We call her Mamie) She is 3 year old) She loves you too. We have seen Mamma Mia 25 to 30 times.