Becky Buckwild at the The Really Awards

Becky Buckwild, veteran of both Flavor of Love and Charm School was looking good on the red carpet at the Really Awards. She now has her own radio talk show where she talks the dirt about reality TV.

Becky Buckwild
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The FOX Reality Channel’s Really Awards airs on October 11th at 10/9c. Be sure to check back here for full coverage of the televised event!

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    • crossboy56

      Becky (Buckwild) Yes,Yes,Yes

    • LAURA

      I always root for “Buckwild” on the shows, but the fake “accent” needs to go!!! I hate when people try to act like someone they’re not. I bet she doesn’t talk like that around her family….she can turn it off and on. She still gets my vote though, because she’s very loyal & has a big heart.

    • Steve DeGennaro

      I just watched you on I Love Money and you and your alliance look like a fool. You Guys Are All Fools. Get At ME!!!

    • seun

      i love buckwild there is something about her u dont get tired of

    • so-hood

      I watched Her and her alliance on I love money 2. They are getting so strong and they will bring down taylor made because if Buckwild and 20 pack keep on throwing the challenges and make the team loose. The two of them will be in the box but the third person will be in taylor made’s alliance, and as long as Miami is not captain the person from taylor made’s alliance will be going home! I always am on Buckwild’s side because she is loyal to her friends and when she say she gonna do something she will do it! BUCKWILD YOU BETTER WIN THAT MONEY!!!!

    • Rio

      Hate her voice..she does seem like a person who would be a good friend..but kind of Trailer Trash acting..

    • Mark

      Ms.Becky Buckwild you are my baby. I think everything about you is wonderfully charming and sexy as well as you are charming and sexy, Flav Didnt know what he had. I myself have had a crush on you ever since I saw you on flavor of love 2 and charm school. All I can say is you go girl