Lauren Graham on Craig Ferguson

In addition to her appearance on Ellen this week, Lauren Graham visited the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night (October 2nd) to talk about Flash of Genius.

As you can see from the video above, we see a new clip from the movie (lol at the “I’d love you more if we’re rich”). Lauren Graham looks beautiful with her all-black outfit in the interview, btw. Leather looks great on her! Craig also thought it looked great too!

Lauren brought on a funny card that Craig had written to her, not sure if it was before this interview or after her last one. You have to see it in the video ;)

Ok, on to the interview. Which starts off with Craig “mistakenly” referring to the Golden Girls instead of the Gilmore Girls! But he kind of redeemed himself with the sexy dreams conversation.

Lauren Graham talks about taking some time off, including a recent trip to Ireland with her father. “Boy, can they pour a glass!” She and her father went on a bike trip in Ireland, because her father is “Mr. Cyclist”, a very athletic guy.

Lauren then grills Craig on his Gilmore Girls knowledge, which is not much! She brought this up because people in Ireland would recognize her from the show, but not say anything. Instead they would drop random facts about other celebrities. She tells a very precious story along these lines – you’ll love it!

Lauren is so much like Lorelai sometimes, just have to say that. :)

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    • Wonder Y

      That was a spastic interview. My head is still spinning from watching it.

    • Adrienne

      i love these kinda interviews!
      so entertaining!!:)

      i love when she talks about being drunk! shes someone i know i could have a fun time drinking together!

    • cheri

      Lauren is always so funny on the interview show and I really get a kick out of them. I did like the new scene from the movie. She looks so beautiful in it. She really looked great on the show, too. Loved her story about when she and her dad were in Ireland and how they kept calling Gilmore Girls, Golden Girls. Although I really like the funny funny Lauren, I liked the interview that was show last night on The Hour that was show about the same time as Craig Ferguson. She was still funny and laughed, but it was a more serious, more profesional interview. They talked about a lot of different things, Fog, other projects, life with dad, etc, and they showed a lot of scenes from Gilmore Girls and other past projects. The funny side of Lauren is really great to watch but I also like the more serious side.

    • Wonder Y

      Is there an on-line link for The Hour? I totally missed that one.

    • Jessica King

      Lauren look beautiful with all black outfit and I love her all black outfit.I really love Lauren’s great interview and so funny on Craig Feruson.

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    • ellie

      i love the way she talks about anything in her interviews and is always so chirpy, smiling and laughing. she’s so funny.
      and ha i agree with ‘Adrienne’ about the drinking, im sure she’s great company with drink or without.

    • Jill

      haha my friend always calls gilmore girls the golden girls!

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