Whitney Thompson My Life As a Cover Girl: Episode #6

Here’s the sixth installment of Whitney Thompson’s My Life As A Cover Girl ads. In this episode, she talks about how important balance is in cooking and in her make-up. I think the girl in the blue tank to next to her is her sister, Lindsay.

I understand why they are incorporating Cover Girl products more strongly into these ads than they have before. It’s a Cover Girl ad, they need to hock their products. But does anyone think that, based on these commercials, Whitney’s Cover Girl life is pretty boring? In this episode, she puts on makeup and then hangs out at home. I do that all the time an I’m not a top model! I’m just saying…

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    • Top Model Addict

      Well, you have to think about who Cover Girl is geared towards. It’s for teenagers. And what do teenagers do? They hang out with their friends at home, in the mall, at the movies, etc. So in my opinion, the “Life as a CG” segments should be geared towards that sort of lifestyle. I highly doubt that this is the true Whitney. It’s a script written for her that she acts out every week. It’s her job, so it’s what she does.

    • john

      she still seems soooooooo phony to me. i hate her voice!!!!

    • milkyaqua

      These clips are bordering on Saleisha bad and I didn’t think that was possible, lol. Whitney is still pretty clueless about modeling though. Her mouth was hanging open again when she was putting on the make-up. I will say that her Silhouette catalog shots are the best thing she’s done thus far.