Pussycat Dolls : Doll Domination Review

pussycat-dolls-doll-domination-cover I think I’ve waited long enough to write a review of Pussycat Dolls‘ sophomore album Doll Domination. When I first listened to the whole album last week I wasn’t really that impressed. Their first album was so much better. So I gave myself a few days to warm up to Doll Domination. I feel much better about it but I still think PCD was hmm how shall I say it? Their best so far.

Doll Domination includes hits. Of course. “When I Grow Up” is already making rounds successfully. “Whatcha Think About That” which the girls collaborated with Hip Hop mastermind Missy Elliot is “weak” in my opinion. With Missy’s touch, I was expecting something mind blowingly amazing. But that’s not the case.

pussycat-dolls-doll-domination-photo1 So what are the Pussycat Dolls talking about on this new album. If PCD spoke volumes on being a strong, independent, kick-ass woman in songs like “Wait A Minute”, “I Don’t Need A Man”, “Bite The Dust”, “How Many Times, How Many Lies”, “Wait A Minute” and my favorite “Beep“, Doll Domination is talking about that kick-ass Woman who is now famous, leading the pack, partying, fashion and maybe a little bit of sentimental sap with a sentimental sap song like “Out Of This Club“. With the title you’d think it would be a dance fast paced party song but surprisingly enough, it’s soft and is about wanting to get well, out of the club with a special guy of course. “Happily Never After” which was a fairytale gone bad or maybe gone reality. “In Person” which features Nicole acting like a ghetto chick about to hurt a cheating boyfriend is hilarious. Nicole’s voice on this song was in a yelling mode. But hey, how else can you sing about “getting” a lying cheating boyfriend once she sees him “In Person“. I’m hoping they’d make a video of this actually. It would be funny to see Nicole running around, with black tooth perhaps, chasing a guy with an axe….LOL.

pussycat-dolls-doll-domination-photo2 What I appreciate from Doll Domination is that the girls each have a solo song, most are mellow tunes. “If I Was A Man” by Jessica, “Space” by Melody, “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” by Kimberly, “Played” by Ashley and “Until U Love U” by Nicole. The latter song by Nicole made me think of Oprah, Dr. Phil and all the psychiatrists on TV telling everyone that relationships won’t work unless all the people involved love themselves first. :) 

While Doll Domination could’ve gone a few more touches to make it a really big hit being a sophomore album after all, it’s alright. I’m guessing 4 hits will come out of it. “Bottle Pop” featuring Snoop Dog is probably one of them. “Whatchamacallit” which talks about being in Japan, bag matching the boots, fly girls and partying. Just don’t ask what they’ve got or their clothes label, or what their Man is holding up their pants, respectively because it is errrrr, “Whachamacallit“.

I’m wondering if any of the solo songs would be released as a single. I guess we shall see. In conclusion, Doll Domination in no fancy words is ok, 4 hits will stem from it, maybe add another 1. Compare to PCD which had 12 songs, Doll Domination has 15 + the 5 solo songs. But this is of course if you buy the Deluxe edition :).

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