Paris Hilton: My New BFF – Brittany

brittany-paris-hilton-my-new-bff.jpgParis Hilton: My New BFF
Meet the Cast

Brittany is the quick-witted, sarcastic lead singer of a Las Vegas-based rock band, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she loves being the center of attention and is on the hunt for fame. While Brittany loves to party and cause a ruckus out on the town, she maintains a fairly straight-edge lifestyle with limited drinking and no sex. She’s a walking oxymoron, though, as she claims she’s both sweet and a manipulative bitch.

Image Credited to MTV

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    • Scott

      This BabyDoll is Sooo Freakin’ HOT!!!
      She is Gorgeous from the floor, up.
      Her smile makes my heartbeat change.
      Paris, get it right this time – here’s your next girlfriend.
      Wish I knew how I could send her a message.

    • Jessica

      Brittany is my favorite!

    • sonia

      Paris…Brittaney rocks. She tells everyone like it is, and that is what you need as a true BFF.


      XO Sonia

    • Maria

      i really liked her at first and i hoped she would win until i saw her on ryan’s show and now i am wondering if she really just wants a head start on a music career =0\

    • farah

      hey paris i really think Shelly schould still win but since u already sent her home Brittiny is my second favorite. like shes way better than vanessa like to tell u the truth vanessa is a huge crybaby and if u choose her she would stock u

    • Georgina

      OMG I LOVE BRITTANY’S HAIR!! someone needs to teach me how to tease my hair its just sooo pretty. Paris I think you should pick Brittany, you both seem to have a lot in common and stuff!!

    • Laura


    • brooke

      heyy. you should really pick brittany. she is beautiful. you and brittany have alot of stuff in common. i love brittany to death. and vanessa is really weird. she seems like a stalker to me. but if you had any sense at all then you would choose brittany.

    • mishi

      hey paris pick Britany!!she is soo much better than vanessa….she is really stalkerish… btw..

    • Georgina


    • kim

      Brittany is AWESOME!! she sould def win! She is a singer and wants to be in the music business, but sooo what! that doesnt mean she isnt genuine about Paris! and Vanessa is just a train wreck, and just a FAN and will always be a Fan. She just seems very stalkerish, telling Paris shes gorgeous and she loves her every 5 seconds.
      Its an obvious choice! BRITTANY!!

    • lila

      brittany is an UGLY MAN WHORE

      like seriously!
      burn in hell brittany!
      cuz u a hoe skank bishhhh!

      ha ha
      i hate her

    • francine

      wow! so sad that peoples send mean message like that about Britney from lila,
      britney lucky you and good luck to both of you Paris you deserve someone who you could talk to good pick! Good luck britney go bless both of you… francine

    • http://bebo Delly

      shes soo amazing, And I love her hair!
      I stole it actually hehe, well what can I say
      I love her style, shes my new role model!

    • tina

      I think Brittany is awesome. Loved her from the begining. I love her style, but sadly it won’t be her own once a bunch of ppl start coping her.

      Paris choose the right person!!

      Onch bugs the crap outta me. ugh

    • tina

      chose lol sry

    • dianna, sarah, bianca

      im so happy that Paris picked Britney and not vanessa

      i hated vanessa

      she was soo annoying

    • stephanie

      Im so happy you pick brittney! shes a really cool girl. Vanessea is a crazystalker ans shes always crying! Paris i hopw you have a second season because i would love to be youre BFF

    • Sarah

      THANK GOD PARIS! I would have been so weirded out if Vanessa was the new BFF.

    • Dominique

      BRiTTaNy l00Kz LiKe A FkN MaN=]