Paris Hilton: My New BFF – Brittany

brittany-paris-hilton-my-new-bff.jpgParis Hilton: My New BFF
Meet the Cast

Brittany is the quick-witted, sarcastic lead singer of a Las Vegas-based rock band, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she loves being the center of attention and is on the hunt for fame. While Brittany loves to party and cause a ruckus out on the town, she maintains a fairly straight-edge lifestyle with limited drinking and no sex. She’s a walking oxymoron, though, as she claims she’s both sweet and a manipulative bitch.

Image Credited to MTV

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    • April

      I think that Brit rocks so hard. She is honest and that’s what Paris need. Now Vanessa on the other hand was scary….I was sooooo glad when they said Brit had won. I was crying as if I had won! Good luck to the both of you.

    • kyleigh

      i think that brittany was a good choice shes amazing and i thnk shes going to make paris happy.
      everyone thnks that shes there to be a rockstar
      but shes not you can tell she wants to be paris’s friend.
      and i thnk that paris made a good choice. :D

    • Arah

      Brittany was my favorite from day one, no doubt. Paris couldn’t have made a better choice. She’s gorgeous, genuine, and I would love to have the chance to chill with her. Go Paris! (:

    • shadow

      britneys defently the best (: shes GORGEOUS! funny, random, and defently perfect for a bff ^_^ im happy she won

    • adriana.

      i was so happy that britney wonnnn.C:
      she is pretty and seems
      like shes a really G O O D friend.
      vanessa really creeped me out.
      shes so E S T U P I D. lmaof.
      sorry but im being honest.

    • liansha

      lila is an UGLY MAN WHORE
      like seriously!
      burn in hell lila!
      cuz u a hoe skank bishhhh!
      ha ha
      i hate her

    • brianne

      liansha is an UGLY MAN WHORE
      like seriously!
      burn in hell liansha!
      cuz u a hoe skank bishhhh!
      ha ha
      i hate her

    • kresha

      brianne is an UGLY MAN WHORE
      like seriously!
      burn in hell brianne!
      cuz u a hoe skank bishhhh!
      ha ha
      i hate her

    • kallie

      Wow, that’s really immature you guys. Whoever started it, Lila, I’m ending it, you guys need to grow up…

      And Britney you deserved to win, you and Paris are the perfect best friends!

    • arbeniita biig briittanyyy fan

      iii am a biig briittanyyy-faan
      ii see the tv sh0w every week
      here in germany
      and ii love iit :D
      briittany is sooo beuatiful
      iif pariis is onli a bit clever
      she will chose briittany :D
      ii hope iit

    • Bi-atch!!

      Vanessa is so fake. I couldn’t believe it she made it to the finals.
      Brittany is waaaay better than the rest =]
      TTYN Vanessa!!

    • janine25

      Congrats Brittany for becoming Paris Hilton’s new BFF….party time

    • http://parishiltonsmynewbff jessica love lol

      she is awesome i really thought you guys would stay friends but she was just a back stabbing bitch and also i love her hair that would be cool if i knew how to do that

    • holly griffin

      I really enjoyed this serise, i liked vanessa from the start, but i really saw that she was a bit obsessive and now i am glad that brittany won, every one should have a bff and i hope that paris has found hers xoxo

    • LuLu’

      she really loves Paris o she was them only for fame??

    • wiwkaa

      The best is Cory . :]

    • Emma

      Vanessa was such a f-ing stalker and she was crying in every single elimenation even when it wasnt her and she stared really creepy.
      Brittney was the best choice but I really think that LAUREN should hav been in the finals. Shes also reallly pretty.
      and btw Brittney isnt there to be a rockstar she wants to be her friend