Paris Hilton: My New BFF – Baje

baje-paris-hilton-my-new-bff.jpgParis Hilton: My New BFF
Meet the Cast

A Miami Beach babe, Baje is a self-proclaimed diva who has plenty of opinions — and attitude — to go around. As a modeling agent, she feels she’s way too smart to be tied down to a man … or a woman. Despite having occasionally found herself attracted to girls in the past, Baje is only interested in finding friendship right now. But if the opportunity arises for her to take advantage of a man’s wallet, she might change her tune.

Image Credited to MTV

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    • haley

      i heard she has a book called a gold digger’s guide lol that’s hott

      a or hear the intro on

    • Danny

      Baje should get her own dating show, she’s fine as hell. I’d be the first to sign up.

    • damien Z

      she’s hot

    • mondee

      Baje looks soo much like beige from portland or omg is unfu**ing believable