David Beckham to Become Children’s Author

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David Beckham has signed a deal with UK publisher Egmont to author a series of children’s books based on the David Beckham Academy, Book Trade is reporting.

The books will launch in July 2009 and will be a series of fictitious chapter books geared at 7-9 year olds. Each book will be about a different student at the Academy as they learn about life and football. The books will also have an interactive element and include games, puzzles, soccer statistics and more.

We instantly recognised the opportunity to reach young readers in a fun and accessible way through The David Beckham Academy,” Sam Sweeny, a representative from Egmont said in a statement earlier today. “Our range of books will really capture the passion that children of this age feel about football and will have broad appeal. The David Beckham Academy values and setting make it the perfect match with our fiction and activity lines.”

Everyone involved in the Beckham brand is pleased with this new endeavour.

“The David Beckham Academy is more than just David’s dream of giving children the chance to experience great football coaching,” David’s rep said. “It exists to encourage all aspects of their learning and development. David is particularly pleased that The Academy has inspired a series of books that will bring children to reading through football.”

I think these books are a brilliant idea. I especially like how the books will bring together different elements–fiction, games, stats and more–to appeal to a wide variety of readers!

There’s no word on who will publish these books in the North American market yet, but I’m sure those rights will be snapped up quickly!

Do you think a line of books by Victoria is next?

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