Smallville 8.07 "Identity" – spoilers and disguises

Smallville episode 8.07 “Identity”
Airdate: October 30, 2008

Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane wants an exclusive with the new hero of Metropolis. Clark is not ready for his cover to be blown, so he asks Oliver’s help.

Kryptonsite tells us how:

Remember when Clark put on a pair of green tights to remove suspicion that Oliver was the Green Arrow? Look for Ollie to return the favor.

And according to Kristin on E! Online, Jimmy is to blame for the “ape, tights and giant S thing”. Jimmy will think he sees something and connects it to Clark. That’s when Clark realizes it’s time for a double identity.

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    • http://google superfan

      I LOVE SMALLVILLE!!! but i think it is def time for clark kent to become super man! he should put on blue tights, red caep, and a big S on the front!!!

    • http://google kaitlyn

      It is time to become super man!