Lindsay & Sam at Disneyland

Lindsay Lohan and girlfriend Samantha Ronson decided to go for some relaxation and blow off steam with a visit to Disneyland yesterday. The couple appeared to have a lot of fun, each buying a set of mouse ears. Lindsay went with a more traditional Halloween themed set of Mickey ears, while Samantha Ronson grabbed a Jack Skellington set.

Lindsay Lohan and Sam at Disneyland
Image: used with permission by Newscom

Lindsay Lohan and Sam at DisneylandLindsay Lohan and Sam at Disneyland
Images: used with permission by Newscom

Lindsay Lohan and Sam at DisneylandLindsay Lohan and Sam at Disneyland
Photo by David Aguilera/

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    • http://yahoo brian

      love you la lohan

    • Sarah

      how can u enjoy a day at disneyland with paparazzi everywhere?? :(
      they need to leave!

    • Larry R

      Hey Lindsay !! Looking good ! Halloween is my Second favorite Holiday of the Year, with Christmas being first. IF you visit these hallowed pages of Arieanna’s, ( thanks Arieanna for being Lindsay Friendly, I know in the past it was not always so but I thank you for being so now !! :), Please lookup my Myspace Page, and look at my halloween display, and my Christmas Display ! Larry T is my myspace name. ( i Think anyway ), AND I owe you an apology. there are about # 500 # myspace listings for ” Lindsay Lohan ” All of them claiming to be the authentic YOU, but the one I have been going to lately, as far as I can tell from everyone I have read and contacted, IS the real YOU, so I still hope it really is you, and have decided to believe so and will continue to believe it until proven otherwise.I have been leaving comments on your page as well now. I love you. If you need someone to love, for like the whole of your adult life, with a permanent marriage arrangement in mind, that guy is me.
      GOD Bless You Always, Lindsay D Lohan, I Love You Always, me, Larry T Robinson O.R. Tn.

    • http://lindsay&samatdisneyland Aly

      ive been to disneyland i went to disneyland orlando has anyone else been there

    • Nina

      Samantha tried to cheer her up.I wish Lindsay will go somewhere with Samantha for a month just to rest and be isolated from the paps and her father.

    • AmerikanuLuvLindsay

      Awwwww!!!!….This is so cute…LLove you….peace

    • Sarah

      {aly:} there is disney WORLD in orlando. disney land is in california :D

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