• Tue, Sep 23 2008

Dennis Quaid cheated on Meg Ryan “numerous times”

The Screening of The Women - Outside Arrivals

So Meg Ryan, who is currently promoting her new movie “The Women”, is now saying that Dennis Quaid her ex-husband and love slave cheated on her numerous times. Here’s the scoop:

Ryan’s freedom from conventional values revealed itself when she began an affair in 2000 with Russell Crowe, her co-star in “Proof of Life,” as her 9-year marriage to Dennis Quaid was falling apart. Suddenly, much of the enormous public affection for her turned to anger, and everything was affected: her image, her career, her sense of self. “It was a great story,” she says. “But what wasn’t in the story was the reality of my marriage…” And what was the reality? After a pause, Ryan says quietly, “Dennis was not faithful to me for a long time, and that was very painful…”


I’m sorry, but what kind of douchebag do you have to be to cheat on MEG RYAN. If I was into girls, I would date her. Seriously.

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  • brak

    but dontcha think she looks a wee bit like the Joker?

  • mfl

    Umm, shouldn’t the headline read “Dennis” instead of “Randy”?