Sandra Bernhard gives a “gang rape” warning to Sarah Palin

Sandra Bernhard, who is really NOT THAT FUNNY of a comedian, has, among other awful things, issued a gang rape warning to GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin. Watch the following video to get just a taste of her awfulness:

Here’s the text of what she said in the rest of her routine:

The Republican V.P. nom would be “gang-raped by my big black brothers” if she enters Manhattan, Bernhard said. Palin is said to be making a campaign stop in New York next week.

“[The gang rape comment] is part of a much larger, nuanced, and yes, provocative (that’s what I do) piece from my show about racism, freedom, women’s rights and the extreme views of Governor Sarah Palin, a woman who doesn’t believe that other women should have the right to choose,” Bernhard told the Daily News today.


Comedy is one thing. This is quite another. Sandra Bernhard is disgusting.

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