Theo Tams Chart Performance

theo tams

Canadian Idol season 6 winner, Theo Tams, debuted at #12 on the Canadian Hot 100 and peaked at #9 on the Hot Canadian Digital chart with his song “Sing.” Not too shabby Theo! That’s great news! I was so glad when he won, so it’s great to know that he’s doing well.

Other Canadian Idol contestants who made the Hot 100 include 2006 winner Eva Avila with her new song “Give Me the Music“, which reached the 48th spot. Hedley, who’s lead singer, Jacob Hoggard, competed for Canadian Idol in 2004, holds the 14th spot with “Old School” and the 41st spot with “Never Too Late.”

image credit: CTV

Written by Lauren Croteau

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    • Rogbog4299

      Theo Tams is the Canadian Idol winner. I wonder if they have a UK winner and a Mexico winner and other winner thourghout the world? Then they could have a context between them and come up with an World Idol! That would be something. Remember you heard it here first!