Smallville 8.01 "Odyssey" – promo video clip 2

Smallville episode 8.01 “Odyssey”
Airdate: September 18, 2008

Mano a mano! Fist to fist, Clark Kent and Oliver Green exchange blows! This is going to be a classic Smallville moment.

I’ve never seen Clark actually punch someone like he means it, and this makes him the man! Of course it’s a ruse, but why is Clark Kent even in this arctic town? We’ll find out this Thursday!

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    • http://smallville Zach Metler

      Oliver i Talked to Hal Jorden

    • http://smallville Zach Metler

      Oliver how is Chloe and Jimmy

    • http://smallville Zach Metler

      Oliver do you have any Death Records of your Parents Death

    • http://smallville Zach Metler

      got to go love you too