Matt Damon on VP pick Sarah Palin: “she is terrifying”

Wow, Matt Damon really does not mince words, does he? In this video, he talks about Republican VP pick Sarah Palin:

“I think there’s a really good chance Sarah Palin could become president, and I think that’s a really scary thing… I think the pick was made for political purposes… Do the actuary tables and there’s a one out of three chance, if not more, that McCain doesn’t survive his first term and it’ll be President Palin… It’s like a really bad Disney movie. The hockey mom, you know, ‘oh, I’m just a hockey mom’… and she’s facing down President Putin… It’s totally absurd… it’s a really terrifying possibility.”

Watch his entire statement:

What do you think of Sarah Palin? Is she a good pick? Horrible pick? Frankly terrifying pick?

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    • JoeSchmoe

      What I think is that Matt Damon is yet another in a long line of Hollywood elitists who choose to opine out their a$$ because their mouths know better. What, Matt? Perhaps you – as the infamous Mr. Bourne – should be facing down Vladimir Putin? You are an ACTOR. You know, an ENTERTAINER. Do you really expect to be taken seriously? Go study your lines. Or, better yet go lounge in Nice for a while. Hell, move to France with your buddy Alec Baldwin. I, for one, will never watch one of your movies again.

    • gianfalco

      Scoop! Sarah Palin has a sister in Italy: see photo.