Jessica Simpson on Good Morning America Today (Without Underwear)


Jessica Simpson helped kick off her new album today by appearing on Good Morning America. It was a typical “Jess” appearance! She flubbed up a song, joked about having B.O., and didn’t bother to wear any panties.

I’ve got more pictures and videos of her appearance below.




***Update from Cherie’s editor*** The picture of Jessica’s bum was removed after we were contacted and told it was doctored. We were forced to take it down but I just have to say that, whoever “doctored” that image was amazing with photoshop because it looked like her derrière to me!

Jessica does the pre-concert interview from her dressing room and makes sure she talks about the Jessica Simpson line of clothes and shoes as well. Then at the end she throws a shameless plug in for her Fancy perfume, saying, “Ooop, got to spray some on myself, I got some B.O.” It’s a little over the top, but then that’s our Jess! Take a look.

Jessica sings “With You” and has to start over because she can’t hear herself.

Of course she couldn’t get by without singing her new country single, “Come on Over.” I really like Jessica’s voice when she’s singing the chorus in this song, but when she does the verses I think she’s adding a bit too much twang. What do you think? Take a listen.

Finally, Jessica starting to sing “Still Beautiful.” (Looks like she’s having mic problems again.)

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Images used with permission from Newscom.

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    • Michele

      Jess looked cute on GMA but the dress made her look alittle more fuller than what she really is. Jess has a very cute body and maybe she is wearing a thong or gstring.

    • brrbach

      Jess did look cute, but it’s morning TV (and live) so perhaps she should have put some panties on.

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    • sweetynicharlie

      she *effed* up the 2nd verse lyrics…notice how she & the back-up singer was singin differently…jessica is humiliating!

    • brrbach

      sweetynicharlie: I don’t about humiliating, but yeah, it wasn’t her best performance.

    • Alicia, Mental Health Notes

      Why do celebs think it’s okay not to wear underwear? Especially with skirts/dresses?!


      Even if she was wearing a g-string or thongs, that’s not exactly enough material to cover up her butt in the very likely (as we’ve seen) event that her skirt is going to take leave of its duties for a moment.

    • Rah

      It doesn’t really matter whether or not she had panties on. I’m guessing she wasn’t expecting it to be so windy…Or maybe she wanted her bum to show. It’s a great way to get people talking.

    • Alicia, Mental Health Notes

      LOL, I bet it mattered to at least a few unsuspecting spectators that day! Maybe not the majority, mind you (actually, probably not the majority), but I’m sure there were at least some who didn’t count seeing Jessica’s bare ass as a plus to the performance ;)

    • brrbach

      Alicia: I’m with you! This was a morning show with a family audience, so she could have kept the panties on for that. Even if it “gets people talking” is that really the kind of thing you want them to say? If this was a late night show perhaps it would have been different… although I’d still prefer to think when a wind comes along I won’t be getting a peak at her bum!

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